• Broken/Non-Functioning Chromebook Procedures

     If a student presents with a non-functioning or broken Chromebook, please use the following procedures:

    1. The parent will need to bring the Chromebook to the school for Ms. Cordle to assess.
    2. Parents will need to fill out the attached form and place it inside the Chromebook.
    3. Once dropped off the front office will contact admin/counselor to see if there is a Chromebook available for exchange.

     When Chromebook is dropped off:

    1. Front office will email Ms. Cordle to let me know the Chromebook is in the building and needs to be assessed. 
    2. Ms. Cordle will look at it as soon as time allows. 
    3. Ms. Cordle will return it to the office if it can be fixed.
    4. The school will notify the parent as to the status of the repair.

    Thank you so much for all your help!

     Note: This form can be filled out on a computer or by hand.

     Chromebook Return Form


    Chromebook Care

    Please be very careful with AACPS Chromebooks so they are available for learning for all students.  Please review this “How to Care for your Chromebook” information sheet with your student.


    Using Personal Learning Devices

    If a student wishes to use a personal learning device (chromebook or laptop) at school, the following waiver form must be filled out.  Please note that personal learning devices will only connect to the AACPS Hotspot.  Personal learning devices may not be used during testing. 

    Personal Technology Acknowledgement Form

    Personal Technology Acknowledgement Form (SPANISH)


    Cell Phones and other Electronic Devices

    Old Mill Middle South Cell Phone and Electronic Device Policy


    Having trouble with a sluggish Chromebook and accessing Classlink?

    Try Updating Chromebooks from Home

    To see if a Chromebook is up to date, and to force any updates that haven’t occurred:

    1. Log into the Chromebook.
    2. Go to the bottom right hand corner and click where the time is displayed.
    3. In the black box that pops up, select the gear icon at the top.
    4. In the menu on the left, select “About Chrome OS.”
    5. The Chromebook will automatically start looking for updates and will install them if any are found.
    6. When done, there will be a restart button on the right of where it says it’s looking for updates. Restart the Chromebook and log in again. You should be all set!