Acceleration/Grade Advancement

  • ALPs Logo Grade acceleration occurs when students are placed in a grade level ahead of chronological age peers. Content acceleration occurs when a student is placed in a grade level ahead of their chronological age peers in one content only. Decisions to accelerate a student must be made by a team of professionals using a wide range of data. For students currently enrolled in Kindergarten through fourth grade, acceleration requests must be directed to your school principal.

    Please note that Kindergarten and first grade students must be initially enrolled in the grade appropriate to their age as determined by the Maryland State Department of Education. After this initial enrollment, students may be considered for grade acceleration when evidence warrants consideration.

    For students seeking early entrance to Kindergarten, acceleration requests must be directed to the Coordinator of Early Childhood and School Readiness.



  • Susan Tucker
    Primary Talent Development Teacher Specialist (Pre-K-2)

    Michele DiGiulian
    Advanced Learner Programs Teacher Specialist (3-8)