• STEM MIDDLE SCHOOL - STEM changemaker projects

    Changmakers - STEM 8th grade students make a positive local or global impact by leading and implementing a project of passion that makes a positive impact in their locat, regional, or global community.  Our STEM 8 Changemakers work in collaborative groups on their Changmemaker project during their 8th grade year at Central Middle School.  Each group member utilizes their talents and interests to achieve great accomplishments.  Little by little, the group accomplishments begin a ripple effect that promotes others to be Changemakers. Meet some of our amazing STEM 8 student Changemakers and their projects of passion below!

    Changemaker Project Ventures:

    • COVID Connections - Morgan Bortz, James Jordan, and Anthony Perdue

    This Changemaker group created over 300 homemade cards for local healthcare professionals and COVID patients at local Maryland hospitals.  Their efforts to create the cards encouraged their neighbors to join in and participate.  Morgan, James, and Anthony then went a step further to create hundreds of goodie bags to support our healthcare heroes and the patients who were affected by COVID.  

    Three boys are holding wrapped boxes of snacks and cards for local workers and patients with COVID.     Two boys stand at a table putting snacks in cellophane bags.   One boy stands with two thumbs up in front of hundred of homemade cards on a table.