• Instrumental Music-Band Prime 1

    Band I is an intensive course that introduces students to instrumental music techniques including instrument care, posture and positioning, tone production and quality. Students will learn relevant music history, music theory, ear training and melodic and rhythmic dictation with multiple performance opportunities.

    Instrumental Music-Band Prime 2

    This course is designed to enhance the performance skills needed to be a successful wind or percussion instrumentalist. Students are exposed to new musical concepts such as music theory, improvisation, and using music technology and software for composition projects. The class engages in the reflective process by evaluating individual and ensemble performances to make future improvements.

    Instrumental Music-Band Prime 3

    This course is designed to refine student performance abilities on their wind or percussion instrument. Students are challenged to finetune their technique and foster their expressivity. Students explore deeper music theory concepts and to compose their own music. The class masters the reflective process and advance into leadership roles within the ensemble. This course is a gateway to success in high school instrumental music programs and beyond.