February 21, 2021

    Dear QES Families,

                  We hope that this email update finds all our QES Families healthy, safe and warm as we move through this winter season.  We continue to miss seeing all our wonderful students, and families,  in person.  However, we are encouraged by recent events that bring us one step closer to the opening of schools and the return of our QES students! 

                  We would like to take a moment to thank our QES families for your recent support of our HeroSquad fund raiser to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Through your efforts we raised over $6, 000 in the fight against  childhood cancer!   Thank you for your generosity and support!  We surpassed our goal for this fundraiser by over $4, 000! 

     As noted above,  we are preparing for the return of hybrid students to QES and the change in our daily school schedule for all students on March 1st. Below you will find important information as we prepare for these changes. Please take a few minutes to read through this information.   As always, we invite you to contact your child’s teacher, the school, Mr. Mitchell or Mr. Birus if you have any questions moving forward. 

    Best wishes to all our QES Students and Families,

                                 Mr. Birus (jtbirus@aacps.org) and Mr. Mitchell (jmitchell@aacps.org )



    Monday, February 22nd  -  All families will receive an email on February 22nd confirming their child’s assignment (Hybrid or Virtual). This assignment will begin on March 1, 2021 and continue through the end of the school year.  A reminder that families were given the opportunity, via a school system survey a few weeks ago,  to make the determination of their child’s learning  choice beginning on March 1st.   For families who chose Hybrid learning , you will be notified of your child’s hybrid teacher and the days of the week your child will attend school (Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday).  Families who chose virtual learning,  as well as  families who did not make a selection, will receive an  email confirming their child’s teacher and placement in continued virtual instruction. Please note that some students (both hybrid and virtual)  may have a new classroom teacher to accommodate both the choice of the family for hybrid/virtual instruction and our staffing needs.  All students who have a new teacher will receive a welcome email or contact from their new teacher during the week of February 22nd. 


    Q&A Sessions – We will be holding Question and Answer Sessions for families regarding the start of hybrid instruction, the continuation of virtual instruction and the new daily schedule that will start on Monday March 1st.  These sessions will be designed to provide information regarding the implementation of the hybrid or virtual program and to answer your questions. We ask that families who are seeking any change in their child’s hybrid or virtual placement  to contact our school office, or email Mr. Birus at jtbirus@aacps.org . We will not able to discuss individual student requests for changes,  or any individual student concerns,  during this meeting.  Google Meet links will be sent out prior to the meeting. 

    Wednesday February 24th                          4:00 PM – 5:00 PM         Families of Hybrid Students


    Thursday February 25th                              4:00 PM – 5:00 PM         Families of Virtual Only Students                                                                                         


    New Schedules Begin March 1st -    Our daily schedule will change beginning on March 1st with the start of hybrid instruction inside the school building.   Schedules will change for all students  (hybrid and virtual).  On March 1st  will revert  back to our traditional school hours of 9:30am—3:55pm.  Attached you will find a schedule for both hybrid and virtual students.   In the next week, bus schedules will be released for those hybrid students who qualify, and need, bus service.   As you will see on the schedule, hybrid students can begin entering the school at 9:15am each day to allow time to get settled before the start of instruction at 9:30 AM  . Virtual students will join their Google Classroom as noted on the schedule either at 9:30 AM (Grades 3 – 5) or 10:00 AM (Grades PreK, K, 1, and 2).  Please note that all students are virtual on Wednesdays to allow our school to be cleaned and sanitized. 



    QES will continue to be a meal site.   You can pick up meals for your children ages 2-18 everyday from 12:00—12:30pm. If your   children are not able to be present in the car with you, you must register with Food Services ahead of time at (410) 222-5900. Starting March 1st when the schedule changes, our QES pick-up site will remain open after 12:30pm to allow our QES Families  the opportunity to pick up their meals as student learning in the new schedule ends at a later time. 

    PLEASE NOTE HYBRID STUDENTS: All hybrid learners will receive meals on the days they are in the school. Meals will be delivered in individual bags to the classrooms. There will be a breakfast bag for each student when they arrive in the morning, a bag with lunch at mid-day, and a dinner and snack bag to take home each afternoon. These meals continue to be provided through a grant at no cost to families. Students are also able to bring their own lunch from home.



    As we move into this next phase of our school year, attendance remains a priority.   During virtual instruction all students are  expected to participate with cameras on.  If your family selected hybrid instruction, it is expected your child will attend school on their assigned days.  There will be times where normal absences will occur (illness, doctor appointments, etc.). However, students cannot simply elect to stay home on hybrid days for convenience reasons. 

    Attendance will continue to be taken multiple times throughout the day. If an absence is required, please fill out the absence note that has been provided for you on our school website and submit. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSctrZB-LfjXlAESr3MJLQVBHuXD1Bpan7amLnwyR7FGlljjqA/viewform If you have attendance related questions, please contact our school office 410-222-6430. 



    As we open our building for hybrid instruction, we will continue to have limited visitor access to the school building .  We will continue to utilize email, Classroom Dojo and Google Voice as our primary means of communication with families.   All meetings will continue to be held virtually through Google Meet.   Access to the school office after March 1st will continue to be limited.   Families of hybrid students may not enter the building with their child.  If you have a question, need to  speak to a staff member,  or need to talk with your child’s teacher,   we ask you to use the methods of communication listed above.   Late arriving hybrid students should be brought to the main entrance where you can notify the school office of your child’s arrival via our intercom system.  You child will be met at the front entrance door and your child will be escorted to class.  If you are picking up your child early from school on your hybrid days, we ask that you notify the school office and we will have your child ready for pick up at the front door.   The office staff will communicate directions with all visitors through our intercom system as much as possible.   Thank you for your understanding as we open our building  for students while still making efforts to limit our occupancy and maintain a safe school environment for all. 



    Days of Attendance- Hybrid students will either attend school Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday.  On the other days of the week hybrid students will remain virtual.  All students are virtual on Wednesdays. 
    Chromebooks - Hybrid students will need to bring their fully charged Chromebooks to school on their assigned hybrid days to access instruction throughout the school day.   If you have not picked up your Chromebook, or you need a Chromebook,  please contact Mr. Mitchell jmitchell@aacps.org    We discourage students from bringing a personal device to access learning on their hybrid days.  If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact Mr. Mitchell. 
    Masks – Hybrid students will be expected to wear a mask ( provided from  home) throughout the entire day they are in attendance at school.  This also includes the bus stop and the school bus for students who are going to be transported to/from school by bus.  Students may remove their masks to eat and drink.  Students may have a short mask break during outdoor recess.  If you are concerned that you child will not wear a mask during the school day, and they are scheduled for hybrid learning, please contact Mr. Birus as soon as possible.
    Water Bottle- Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle from home each day they are in school. Students will only use drinking fountains to fill their water bottles. 
    What to Bring to School   - Please note the list below of items that hybrid students are expected to bring to school  More information is also available on the school system website at https://www.aacps.org/Page/9199
    fully-charged Chromebooks
    headphones provided in your backpack
    backpack of learning materials
    small yoga mat, towel, or rug only to be used in their personal space
    teacher-requested materials
    Students may also bring
    Personal reading books to be used in student’s personal space
    One small personal item, e.g., small toy, puzzle only to be used in personal space during midday break (Item cannot make any sounds, cannot be an electronic toy with a screen, and must fit fully in student’s backpack.)
    Extra face covering or mask (labeled with student’s first initial and last name)
    Pocket-sized bottle of personal hand sanitizer (hand sanitizer is also available in the classroom)
    Medications and Health Conditions  -  Please contact our school nurse, Jewel DeRosier, hddero20@aacounty.org if your hybrid child will need medication to be kept at school ( inhalers, epi pens, etc.).  Such medications need to be brought to the school with the appropriate paperwork authorized by your child’s doctor.    Please also alert Ms. DeRosier if there are any new medical conditions, or changes in medical history,  for your child.  Please also make sure your emergency contact information is up to date.  
    School Uniforms  - Due to the unusual nature of our return to school this year, students will not be required to wear our school uniforms when in the building for hybrid instruction  We look forward to a return of all students to school  and a return to our school uniform policy in the future. 
    Daily Symptom Screening – Families of hybrid students are reminded that a daily symptom screening  must occur before student comes to school each day.  You may find this protocol at   https://www.aacps.org/safetyprotocols  in English and Spanish. For the safety of our students and staff, we ask that parents are diligent in monitoring their child’s health.  Students who are ill must remain at home during the course of their illness. 
    Additional Information – All hybrid families are encouraged to view the AACPS website for more information about  hybrid learning at https://www.aacps.org/Page/9199  or attend our Q&A session on Wednesday February 24th. 


    Instructional times will move to the school hours schedule beginning on March 1st for all virtual students.  Please  see the attached student schedule.  Instructional times for virtual students are marked as Virtual, or V, in this schedule.    Please attend our Q & A for  virtual students on Thursday February 25th .


    Hybrid_Virtual Student Schedule 2021