• Students will explore a variety of writing and performance art techniques to shape their identities as artists. Students will use literature in a variety of genres (fiction/ creative nonfiction/ poetry/ plays/ screenplays) to support the creation of their own, personal written works; they will also watch and take part in a myriad performance art: monologues/ group acting scenes/ slam poetry/ pantomime/ radio shows, and others. Production of plays and screenplays, as well as musical theater, will be introduced. In 6th grade, young artists will focus on 50% creative writing and 50% performance art. In 7th grade, artists will use their time split 40% creative writing and 40% performance art, with the remaining 20% student choice. In 8th grade, there will be a much larger choice on personal focus of creative writing or performance art, while continuing to work on artistic fundamentals, process, and critique of self and others.

  • Mr. Harris

    Creative Writing and Drama Teacher

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    Emily Miller

    Apex Arts Department Chair