Third Party Billing

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    Coordinates the development and implementation of an efficient and effective process to generate revenue for the school system, by seeking reimbursement from Medicaid for health-related services, transportation, and service coordination provided to eligible special education students of AACPS with disabilities, as prescribed in their Individual Educational Program (IEP). In addition, the Third Party Billing Office strives for maximization of revenue, recognizing the importance in providing AACPS additional resources to support, enhance and expand special education services to students with disabilities.

    The Third Party Billing Office continues to work with schools and offices in order to determine ways to sustain and enhance these revenue sources. The office also coordinates the training instruction and assistance, provides technical support, and quality customer service to the case managers and related service providers of AACPS, Anne Arundel County Department of Health, and the Local Lead Agency of Infants and Toddlers; and conducts audits to ensure that the program is operated in compliance with applicable state and federal regulations.