October 2020 AACPS Roadmap to Reopening

Virtual- Half Year

  • Virtual Learning for the First Semester Through the End of January 2021

    5 days of virtual learning per week for fall semester with the option to move to the Hybrid Learning Model beginning February 2021 (second semester)

    timeline half year

    NOTE:  New Instructional Model begins November 16 for ECI and PreK through Grade 2 only and November 30 for Grades 3, 4, and 5.

    Students will continue to learn virtually as they have been doing since the beginning of this academic year.  We will attempt to keep students together with their peers and their teachers.  However, there will be situations based on the choices families and teachers make for the good of their families, where some changes in the classroom community must be made.    

    Virtual-Half Year Model Details

    • There will be an AM, Midday, and PM learning block with associated Flex time, Friends & Fun time, Office Hours, Circle time, and time to Build Community. Learning schedule will remain basically as it is currently designed and operating.
    • There will be changes in the school schedule times, including the start and end time of most schools’ days – more information to be posted soon. As the school’s start/end times change for the hybrid students, the school day will also need to be adjusted for the Virtual-Half Year learner.  This will need to occur based on keeping all of a school’s teachers and students together on the same schedule (hybrid and virtual) as this group operates as a school unit.
    • A student’s teacher may change based on student’s and teacher’s individual desire/choice for virtual or hybrid learning.

    NOTE: Families who choose this Virtual-Half Year learning model now, will be offered another opportunity in January 2021 to make learning decisions for their student for the second half of the school year.  At that time, families may decide for their students to remain learning virtually or move to a hybrid learning model.  If families shift their learning model, it may be necessary to change a student’s teacher.


  • Registration was open until Monday October 19th @ 5.pm. At this time, we are not accepting changes to initial registrations

    NOTE:  Students who were not registered by the deadline are being placed in the virtual full-year learning model where they will continue to learn virtually on their current time schedule for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.  If you did not register your student by the October 19th deadline and still want your preference to be known, please log your preference below by clicking on the Family Registration button.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting outdoor areas*

    • Outdoor areas, like playgrounds in schools and parks generally require normal routine cleaning, but do not require disinfection.
      • Disinfectant should not be sprayed on outdoor playgrounds- it is not an efficient use of supplies and is not proven to reduce risk of COVID-19 to the public.
      • High touch surfaces made of plastic or metal, such as grab bars and railings should be cleaned routinely.
      • Cleaning and disinfection of wooden surfaces (play structures, benches, tables) or groundcovers (mulch, sand) is not recommended.
    • Sidewalks and roads should not be disinfected.
      • Spread of COVID-19 from these surfaces is very low and disinfection is not effective.

    * From CDC Guidelines

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