• Process for Welcoming Business and Community Partners into the Virtual Learning Environment

    AACPS Virtual Learning

    Business and Community Partners are welcome to support student learning in the virtual learning environment in accordance with the following guidelines: 

    1. Before joining an AACPS staff member in the virtual and hybrid learning model environments, a scan of the partner’s driver’s license must be obtained. Like the process for entering a school building, a new scan is required each time a partner enters the virtual learning environment.

      1. School-specific initiatives – the coordinating staff member will work through a main office staff member who will scan the driver’s license in the Raptor system.  The initiating staff member must retain a copy of the license scan and a confirmation e-mail from the office staff confirming that the guest is “clear”.   Any issues (i.e. common name confusion or the guest disputes the Raptor “flag”) should be reported to the School Security Office for a decision.

      2. District initiatives – the coordinating office will work directly with the School Security Office to scan guests.  In this case, the initiating office must retain both the license scan and confirmation message.

    2. An AACPS staff member must initiate and control the Google Meet.

    3. An AACPS staff member must be present for the entire Google Meet session.

    4. Sharing of contact information between the partner and students is strictly prohibited. 

    Please note: In the interest of safety, only students and AACPS staff will be permitted to enter school buildings. 

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