AACPS i-Ready Goal

  • During the 2023 - 2024 school year, we will be using i-Ready for grades K - 8.  This computer-adaptive tool provides both diagnostics (math and reading) and personalized lesson pathways called "My Path". In AACPS it is our goal for students to take diagnostics in both math and reading three times (Beginning-of-the-year assessment, Middle-of-year assessment, and End-of-year assessment).  Additionally, it is our desire to encourage students to engage in My Path lessons for at least 30 min each week in both math and reading. 

    These i-Ready Personalized Learning Pathways deliver powerful online lessons that motivate students on their paths to proficiency and growth.  Driven by insights from the i-Ready Diagnostic, i-Ready's online K - 8 lessons provide tailored instruction that meets students where they are on their learning journey and encourages them along the journey of developing new reading and math skills.  i-Ready personalized instruction is complemented by games and activities that allow students an interactive way to apply their new learning. 

i-Ready Diagnostic

  • i-Ready includes a Diagnostic Tool that will measure student strengths and needs in September, Winter (December for grades 6 - 8 and February for grades k - 5), and then again at the end of the year in June.  Our goal is to see the growth of each of our students from the initial administration at the beginning of the year to the end-of-year administration in June.  i-Ready is NOT a traditional graded assessment. The i-Ready Diagnostic is a computer adaptive tool and is, like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, trying to find the spot that is "just right."  When a student answers a question correctly, the program gives the student a harder question and when a student answers a question incorrectly, the computer gives the student an easier question.  In doing so, students, by design will get about 50% of the items correct and 50% of the items incorrect.  Additionally, for students who are doing well, the i-Ready Diagnostic will ask students questions that could be up to three grade levels above the student's current grade in order to find "just right" for the student. 

    To learn more from Curriculum Associates on the i-Ready Diagnostic, please click the links below.

Diagnostic Parent Report

  • Parents and/or guardians will be able to access (in my progress tab of the i-Ready platform) an i-Ready Diagnostic report called the "For Families" report.  This report will provide you with a detailed explanation of how your child did on the Math and/or Reading i-Ready Diagnostics.  

    Please click on the links below to access a parent guide on HOW TO read the report.

    • Diagnostic For Families Parent Guide [English]
    • Diagnostic For Families Parent Guide [Spanish]

    Additionally, below you will find links to videos that explain the For Families report.

    • Parent/Guardian video explaining the For Families Report [English]
    • Parent/Guardian video explaining the For Families Report [Spanish] Be sure to click the Closed Caption [CC] for the Spanish translation.


  • Why won't my child receive their accommodations on the i-Ready Diagnostic?

    An i-Ready diagnostic is a tool used to create a personalized learning plan for your child.  It is not a test and there are no grades attached to it.  This diagnostic simply tells teachers what your child can do without accommodations so that the assigned lessons and teacher support are based on meeting your child where they are at.  

    Why won't the i-Ready Reading Diagnostic read aloud all the passages?

    The i-Ready Diagnostic has a speaker icon for select items only.  If an item is trying to determine a student's reading level, then there is no icon on that item.  This is what an adaptive diagnostic does.  We need to know what students can read on their own so that we can personalize learning through the program for each child.

    Is i-Ready a high-stakes test?

    No.  i-Ready is a tool that we are using to help create a personalized learning program for students.  There are no grades attached to the assessment and students are not put in or kept out of any specific programs or classes based upon the results.

    Why are we administering the i-Ready Diagnostic?

    Due to the pandemic and year of virtual schooling, MSDE is asking school districts to give a diagnostic to determine current student performance in key academic skills.  AACPS is utilizing the i-Ready platform for this diagnostic due to its adaptability and individualized learning pathways for students in math and reading.

    How long is the i-Ready diagnostic? 

    The diagnostic is not timed.  The time to complete varies by grade and by individual student.  Because this is a computer adaptive tool, it will typically take students who are performing well a bit longer to complete. 

    Will a high score on i-Ready place students in an advanced, accelerated, or gifted program/class?

    The i-Ready diagnostic score is one of many data points utilized to inform instruction.  Although the reports generated from the i-Ready diagnostic might show that students are above grade level, the diagnostic alone does not place a student into a GT, advanced, or accelerated course.  The GT identification includes many data points with i-Ready being only one of them. For more specific information about GT identification, please contact the Office of Advanced Learner Programs.

    As a parent, how will I know the score of my child's i-Ready diagnostic assessments?

    The i-Ready diagnostic score can be found on the "My Progress" tab in your child's i-Ready account.  Just ask your child to log in and you can review the scores with them there.  For additional information about your child's scores, please reference the "The For Families" report. 

i-Ready Technology Questions

  • If there are any technical issues, first use this link to update your browser. If you cannot update your browser and/or pass the systems check, then please have your child bring their device to their school to be looked at.

    If students are using an iPad at home to access i-Ready My Path Lessons, they will need to have both the i-Ready app and the Classlink app on their iPad.  First, they must go to the AACPS Classlink app, then click on the i-Ready app on their Classlink page.  If you just go to the i-Ready website, it will prompt your child to type in a user name and password which they DO NOT have. 

    The i-Ready platform is not supported on Smartphones including your iPhones.  Please use a laptop, iPad, or Chromebook to access your child's i-Ready My Path lessons. 

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