AACPS Virtual Learning Teacher Toolkit - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

  • 9/8/20 Where do I find information for lesson building for Building Community in Middle School?

    We are using Second Step lessons for the Building Community Block in middle school.  The MS Building Community Block does not require a special folder for Second Step.  Rather, teachers should access those lessons on the Second Step website.  Advisory Committees (School administrators, teachers, and counselors) at each middle school collaborate on the lesson sequence.  Further, the Community Building Circle questions come out of the Advisory Committees as well.  School administrators should be working with their Advisory Committees to house this information for easy access by teachers.

  • 9/8/20 Where do I find information for lesson building for Community Meeting in High School?

    Each high school has a point of contact for the Community Meeting block who was given direct access to the Student Wellness/Community Meeting Google Drive.  The point of contact for each school is then responsible to share with their school (teachers) any resources from this drive. 

    For Community Meeting block, schools trained in Restorative Practices (RP) were directly emailed the Restorative Practices-Community Building Circle Resources to get started virtually.  Similar to the Middle Schools, the school-based team should share resources with the staff.  For schools not yet trained in Community Building Circles (CBCs), suggested virtual team building activities are provided in the Google Drive.

    Schools Trained in CBCs: Arundel HS, South River HS, Southern HS, Chesapeake Science Point, Glen Burnie HS, North County HS, Phoenix Academy, Crofton HS (Virtual), Chesapeake HS, Old Mill HS, Mary Moss @ JAA

    Schools Not Trained in CBCs (Yet): Northeast HS, Broadneck HS, Severna Park HS, Meade HS, Annapolis HS

    NOTE: Schools not trained in CBCs have resources for virtual team building in the Google Folder – one per week

    The second part of this Community Meeting block is designated for school-based lessons, so those would come directly from the school team responsible for preparing lessons or activities.  This may be a school-based Advisory Committee, PBIS Team, School Improvement Charter, etc. and shared with staff accordingly.


    Students are in a single course for both of these blocks with two assigned teachers.  It is expected that both teachers will be present and actively participate in these blocks.  You should give assignments – mostly ones that can be done together in class, expect work to be done, and grade work.  However, students will only earn a S or U for this course. Basically, we are seeking participation and engagement. This class should not add significantly to a student’s time load after hours.