• As you consider applying for the Alternate Attendance Program due to employment/daycare hardship, please consider that with no direct interaction with their Special Education Teacher, or Special Services Providers, your child may not be able to receive the Specially Designed Instruction that their IEP outlines.  This inability to participate in meaningful services could potentially have an impact on your child’s progress on achieving their educational goals.  Once students and instructional staff can safely interact in person, your child’s progress and possible regression of skills will be assessed in order to consider the need for any necessary Recovery Services.  Please consider all of this when determining the need for the Alternate Attendance Program.  If the hardships of virtual learning are impacting your family’s ability to participate periodically – just on certain days or during certain portions of the day – please speak with your child’s teachers to determine if there is some way that we can offer greater flexibility to the schedule before pursuing this more significant option which could considerably impact the delivery of meaningful IEP services.

  • Attendance Matters
    The Alternate Attendance Plan is designed for families who due to extenuating circumstances, cannot support their student logging into live learning on specific days for specific learning blocks on a routine, extended basis.  There is an application process to seek approval for your student to be put on an Alternate Attendance Plan for the fall semester of 2020.  In order to apply for this process, there must be evidence of consistent, extended absences during synchronous virtual learning.  Consistent, extended absences can be defined as an extenuating circumstance that prevents a student from being available for synchronous learning on a long-term, consistent basis due to an employment and/or daycare issue.  This option is only considered after the parent/guardian has explored all other options to access virtual learning and has been unsuccessful due to employment and/or daycare barriers.   

    For example, a student is not available for synchronous learning each Monday because both parents work outside of the home and the student goes to a grandparent’s home for daycare where there is not internet access.  The student would not be available for virtual learning on Mondays, but would be available for virtual learning on Tuesday through Friday.  Therefore, a plan would need to be developed to support the missed learning on Monday.   

    NOTE:  All teachers are recording lessons or lesson elements daily for students to access for learning purposes.  All students who are accepted as Alternate Attendance Plan students will have access to these recordings to support their daily and weekly learning journeys.




    1. Download the document to your computer and open the pdf directly in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.
    2. Print the form(s) and fill out information.
    3. E-mail as attachments to: or drop off at Central Office (2644 Riva Rd., Annapolis MD 21401)

    Please note your student’s Last name in the subject line of your email.  Subject line should say AAP-[Student’s Last Name]