Parent Quick Tips

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Set up a Routine Learning Schedule

  • A routine schedule for learning is important, if students are to get the most out of learning .

    • Post your daily schedule, so everyone knows what to expect.
    • Embrace the opportunity to include physical activity, social connection, ordown time during the daily lunch break.

Set Up a Learning Space

  • Organize a dedicated learning space, even if it's just a corner of a room or at the kitchen table.

    • Noise Free - Try to find a space that is  free from noise and other distractions.
    • Focus Friendly - If you have multiple students, consider different spaces for each. Monitor Progress - Although online learning is typically completed independently, check in with your student to monitor progress.
    • Flexibility is Key - Work with your student to create a space. Some will work better seated, while others do better standing. Some may need to refocus by moving from a desk to a space on the floor.
    • Background- have students explore different backgrounds for the virtual classroom