• Can a teacher offer clubs once or twice a week instead of four times every week in middle and high school?

    The 4 club meeting times per week at middle and high school levels are very important for students to be able to socialize.  The sessions are designed to eliminate student isolation and offer an opportunity for students who have little socialization opportunities with peers at home to have a place to do so while also offering them a chance to explore a passion or just have fun with a topic of their choice. 

    No secondary schools should be supporting teachers to offer less than the four clubs. We built planning time into the schedule for teachers as well as meeting and duty timeslots.  This club time is teacher duty time that we have allocated for clubs for students; we really need this to be implemented as designed.   

    NOTE: Teachers can offer different clubs over the four days.  They do not have to offer the same club all four days of the week.  For example, they can offer one club on Monday and Thursday and another club on Tuesday and Friday.

  • Since we are requiring “all teachers” to offer some type of club, is there some system-wide list of clubs that teachers should be offering?

    There is no specific list of clubs, however, the list of clubs may provide a starting point for your thinking.  Importantly, the club should be something that a teacher enjoys doing and could interest students in doing.  Moreover, you can switch clubs each quarter if you wish or if student interest begins to dwindle.