• Business & Community Partners: Guidelines for Entering the Virtual Learning Environment

    AACPS Virtual Learning

    Thank you for your support of our students and staff!  Please follow these steps before entering the virtual and hybrid learning model enviroments.  Like the process for entering a school, a new scan of your license is required each time a partner is admitted.  Please note: In the interest of safety, only students and AACPS staff will be permitted to enter school buildings.

    Step 1

    Complete the Request to Engage in the Virtual Learning Environment Form

    Step 2

    Work with a staff member to schedule a time and date for the classroom connection

    Step 3

    Provide a scan of your driver's license at least three days prior to scheduled classroom connection

    It's as easy as 123!


  • Tips for Making Your Virtual Learning Classroom Connection Successful

     Before the scheduled activity

    1. Test Audio & Camera: Check your audio, mic, and camera one last time.
    2. Get Close (But Not Too Close). You want the camera to frame your face, neck, and shoulders. People are drawn to faces, so you don’t want to lose that connection by being too far away,
    3. Become familiar with Google Meet. Including participant views, chat, and screen sharing.
    4. Minimize distractions: turn off your cell phone, silence computer notifications, and let everyone in your home or office know that you are presenting and cannot be disturbed.
    5. Adjust your lighting: Sit facing your light source.
    6. Choose an appropriate background.
    7. Gather all props you plan to use for the activity
    8. Know your audience: Make sure you know the age of your audience and check with the teacher for any special accommodations or needs of students.

     During the activity

    1. Look at the camera so it feels like you are making eye contact. Eye contact is a great way to signal to your audience that you see and hear them.
    2. Talk slowly and at a natural volume: There may be a slight lag time, so we advise that you talk slowly especially if your audience is younger students.
    3. Be Interactive: Ask questions and encourage students to ask and answer questions. Give them fun facts and unique information.
    4. Allow for Q & A time: Answer questions simply and clearly. Try to use their first name so they feel comfortable.
    5. End your calls in a fun interactive way. Ask students to do a hi five with you, etc.
  • For questions about Business & Community Partnerships, please contact Tammy Diedrich, Manager, Internships & Business Programs.

  • Safety GuidelinesSafety First


    • An AACPS staff member must initiate and control the Google Meet. 
    • An AACPS staff member must be present for the entire Google Meet session.
    • Sharing of contact information between the partner and students is strictly prohibited.