•  STEM Class of 2026

    Starting the STEM program can be a tough transition from middle school due to an increase in curriculum rigor and workload. If your child is feeling overwhelmed,they are not alone and we are here to support them. Please reach out to us for assistance with time management, academic tutoring, and mental health concerns as soon as changes in performance or behavior are noticed. Students who ask for help early and receive intervention strategies are more likely to successfully complete freshmen year and ultimately graduate with a STEM-endorsed diploma. Visit this page for all things STEM 9. Here you will find news about events, programmatic responsibilities and resources.

  • Virtual Homework Help and Tutoring

    AACPS will now provide Middle and High School Virtual Homework Help and Tutoring for targeted courses in Mathematics, English, World Languages, Social Studies, Science and AVID.  Virtual Homework Help will be offered to students through an informal drop-in Google Meet. Tutoring will be available via an appointment-driven, small group, Google Meet setting. These virtual homework help and tutoring sessions will be run during the evening on Sunday through Thursday. For more information (in English & Spanish), and to find links to access tutoring sessions, please visit www.aacps.org/tutoring.  You may also contact the program directly via e-mail at tutoring@aacps.org.

STEM 9 Contacts