• I’d like to learn more about i-Ready. Where can I find more information?

    Please visit this i-Ready site for more information.

  • My student is in a school where uniforms are worn daily. Will my student have to wear a uniform in virtual schooling?

    Students are encouraged to get up each day and get ready for school as they would if they were attending school in person.  As such, students are encouraged to wear their uniform shirts, but it is not mandatory.

  • Is there any child care being offered during the day in any of the AACPS schools?

    Some of the community-based child care providers (Anne Arundel County Rec & Parks, Open Door, The Y of Central Maryland) who have partnered with us in the past may be offering child care during the day in the SACC (School-Aged Child Care) rooms in some of our elementary schools when the fall semester begins.  These decisions are being made currently.  When they are made, the organizations will be notifying the public via their websites and we will post their links on our Fall 2020 Reopening website.  AACPS will not be offering child care; the community-based organizations will be offering the care, if they choose to do so.  NOTE:  All Anne Arundel County Health Department, MSDE, and CDC rules for social distancing, cleaning, etc. must be followed.

    Some of our faith-based organizations, Boys & Girls Club, and other non-profit groups are also offering to open their doors for students to join them to learn online with their AACPS teachers during the day from their many locations throughout the county.  As they make their decisions and let us know of them, we will include links to them on our website for public awareness.