• 9/4/20 My middle school student is transitioning from female to male and it is very important to my family that he is supported in this process. How do we go about making sure that the school uses his chosen first name?

    Guardians at the elementary level and students or guardians at the secondary level can reach out through their teacher or school administrator (Assistant Principal or Principal) to request that their “preferred name” is on file in the system.  It is this “preferred name” that will be used on Google Meet for all virtual learning sessions this fall. 

  • I heard there will be email for students this fall. Can you tell me more?

    All secondary students (6th-12th graders) now have an aacps email address.  They will receive information regarding its use upon their return to school. Here is the information regarding access to their AACPS email account.

    Importantly, teachers will be able to send middle and high school students email regarding coursework, assignments, Flex Time, late work, tutoring, grading, clubs, and activities.  Students will also be able to email their teacher questions regarding classwork, assignments, and questions and answers regarding project guidelines, late work, test reviews, etc. 

    Students will not be able to email one another nor will they be able to send or receive emails outside of AACPS.  This is a secure environment where students can learn email etiquette safely while learning how to be responsible students as they send and receive emails ONLY from their teachers.

  • Will teachers be able to communicate with families via Google Voice similar to last spring? Will I as a parent be able to get my teacher’s Google Voice number to contact him or her?

    Yes, Google Voice became a great tool where parents could contact teachers and teachers could communicate with parents/guardians with ease.  Teachers will have a Google Voice phone number again this year for use with families.