• What is an Alternate Attendance Plan and who is eligible for this process?

    In order to apply for this process, there must be evidence of consistent, extended absences during synchronous virtual learning.  Consistent, extended absences can be defined as an extenuating circumstance that prevents a student from being available for synchronous learning on a long-term, consistent basis due to an employment and/or daycare issue.  This option is only considered after the parent/guardian has explored all other options to access virtual learning and has been unsuccessful due to employment and/or daycare barriers.  To find out more about this process, please go to www.aacps.org/alternateattendance.

  • What type of grading will we be experiencing in courses this fall?

    Traditional letter grading will be in effect for the fall semester. The standard grading policy (II-RA, Grading; Administrative Regulation II-RA, Grading) will be followed.

  • How will attendance be taken in school this fall?

    The expectation is for teachers to take attendance every day. As we traditionally have always done, elementary schools will take/record daily attendance each morning and secondary schools will take period attendance.