AACPS Virtual Learning Teacher Toolkit - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

  • How can I make sure I am doing everything to keep my students safe and fully engaged in my Google Meet virtual teaching? I want the classroom to be interactive while also providing safety for my students.

    Please review the Google Meet – Best Practices sheet.  This document offers the Do’s, Don’ts, and Considerations for teaching via Google Meet.  This is a very worthwhile matrix sheet to review.

  • How can I better organize my Google Classroom? I need some Best-Practice Tips for creating a classroom that is easy to use for my students.

    There are indeed some best practices for setting up a well-organized Google Classroom for your students.  If you are a teacher of young elementary students, these best practices will also help your students’ parents navigate your Google Classroom with greater ease. 

    Please take some time to review the two resources below to see what steps you may want to consider taking to strengthen the organization of the materials, resources, and assignments in your Google Classroom.

  • One of my students lost the code I gave them to log into my Google Classroom. What do I do?

    You, the teacher, are key to assisting your student. There are two options for you to help your student get access to your Google Classroom:

    1. You can enroll your child directly into your Google Classroom.  When your student goes to log into Google Classroom they will see your classroom.  They will simply click on the classroom and they will be able to “enter” your Google Classroom.
    2. You can give the initial code to your student again and it will still work.


    Please NOTE: 

    1. Please do not generate a new code for the student who lost the initial code you gave him.  If you generate a new code, sadly the old code will no longer work for any of your students.
    2. Please do not tell your student or their parents to call the help desk or the number to ask for a password reset.  You, the student’s teacher, are the only person who can help your student access their Google Classroom.


    Google is providing every AACPS educator Google Voice during this time away from school.  This means that you have received a Google Voice phone number.  Teachers/Administrators can use this number to reach out to students and parents.  This allows for educators to contact families from home without the ability for families to see their personal phone numbers.

    Educators can also give this Google Voice phone number out to parents/students for them to use to contact their student’s teacher.  There is a voicemail hooked to these phone numbers so the teacher can access the after-hour messages left by students/parents when they begin their next school day. 

    We are asking teachers to make calls only between 8am and 6pm. Before 8am and after 6pm, teachers should not call students.  Teachers should not answer their Google Voice number before 8am nor after 4pm; allow calls to go to voicemail.

    Go to ClassLink to the Google Tile that says, “Introduction to Google Classroom, Meet, and Voice for Teachers” to learn how to use your Google Voice phone capabilities.  You will also be shown how to use Google Voice in the PD sessions most of you are enrolled in this week.

  • Do you have anything I can post inside my Google Classroom to help families understand how to deal with turning their microphone and camera on and off?

    This Google Meet Microphone & Camera Infosheet can be used inside your Google Classroom with  students and parents.

  • I shared a Google resource with my students. Why do I keep getting emails from them that they can’t access the files?

    If you are sharing a resource from your content area Shared Drive, you must make a copy of that resource (including videos, PDFs, and other documents that students will just view).

    These directions will help you make a copy of Shared Drive resources. Never open a file and copy the web address that appears across the top. This does not share the file with others.