• I want to be able to see my student’s schedule and grades, etc. They tell me I have to sign up for the AAPCS PowerSchool Parent Portal. How do I do this?

    The PowerSchool Parent Portal is a powerful, easy-to-use, secure communication tool connecting parents/guardians and schools. Using the PowerSchool student information system, the Parent Portal allows collaboration to improve student achievement. Online access to student schedules, assignments, class grades and attendance information makes it easier for parents to monitor progress of students, in grades 1 through 12, in real time.

    PowerSchool Parent Portal allows parents/guardians access to all their children at one time with one username and password. Please visit this website to sign up for the Parent Portal.

  • How do I turn my cell phone into a “hotspot” so I can access the Internet with my computer?

    All the smartphone carriers are now supporting people turning their Android phone or iPhones into hotspots. Then, you can connect your computer to the Internet through this hotspot.  There is NO COST to do this during this time period. There may be a cost to do this; please check with your provider before completing this task.

    View directions to have your phone become a hotspot

  • I still need help getting Internet connectivity. What do I do?

    Please visit this Internet Connectivity site to get support to make sure you are connected to the Internet so you student is able to learn virtually this fall.

  • Do I need a printer?

    Worksheet printing is not required; it is a choice. If your student has access to the Internet, some of the materials are interactive, thus no printer is needed.  If your student does not have access to the Internet, please have them do their work on any paper that is available to them or in their journal, if they have one.

  • What do I do if I need a device/Chromebook for my student?

    Please visit this Chromebook Information site for all information to apply for a chromebook for your student.