• Learning Mgmt system
    AACPS will be purchasing, customizing, and offering teacher professional development on a new Learning Management System (LMS) this fall. Teachers and students will remain using the Google Suite for Education, including using the tools of Google Classroom, Google Meet, and Google Voice throughout the Fall semester. Students and teachers began using the Google tools in the Spring of 2020 and teachers have subsequently engaged in a number of hours of additional professional development learning more about the Google tools this summer. This will help teachers and students greatly as 3-4 hours of daily real-time (synchronous) teaching and learning is planned for this fall.

    We anticipate purposefully phasing in the use of our new LMS during the Spring 2021 semester while relying on the Google tools during the fall semester and during the transition time until teachers have been trained and the new LMS is fully embraced by all stakeholders. LMS training sessions will also be available for students and families during Spring 2021.

What is an LMS?

  • A Learning Management System is multimedia environment designed to support all aspects of learning – from curriculum authoring and curating to building a student-centered virtual or hybrid learning environment, to assessing and tracking academic student growth, to offering creative tools for students to use to build and showcase their learning….. and much, much, more.  Features include web-based conferencing, dynamic learning dashboards where students, families, and teachers can track student engagement and achievement, communication tools to support teacher-student-family connection and interaction, and easy access to lessons, assignments, learning resources, and assessed work/grades.  There are also customizable learning spaces where students can come together to collaborate with the support from their teacher or teacher aide.  The LMS is a dynamic space and set of tools to support robust student-centered learning environments where students and their teachers can navigate learning together with ease.