• OMMS Chromebook, Supplies and Book Pickup

    • If you need to pick up Chromebook or supplies please contact your grade level school counselor or admin. 


    AACPS Virtual Learning Page


    OMMS 2021 Semester Two - Hybrid and Virtual Schedule (Beginning March 1)




    Google Classroom

    Dear parents/guardians, 

    Only students have access to Google Classroom. However, you can opt to receive a guardian summary email. In order to do so, you must contact any of your child's teachers and ask to be "invited." They will do so and generate an email to you. You simply click accept, and then you will begin to receive a weekly email from Google Classroom with a summary of completed work, upcoming work, missing work, and announcements.


    Resources from the Office of Instructional Technology (AACPS)



    Having trouble with a sluggish Chromebook and accessing Classlink?

    Try Updating Chromebooks from Home

    To see if a Chromebook is up to date, and to force any updates that haven’t occurred:

    1. Log into the Chromebook.
    2. Go to the bottom right hand corner and click where the time is displayed.
    3. In the black box that pops up, select the gear icon at the top.
    4. In the menu on the left, select “About Chrome OS.”
    5. The Chromebook will automatically start looking for updates and will install them if any are found.
    6. When done, there will be a restart button on the right of where it says it’s looking for updates. Restart the Chromebook and log in again. You should be all set! (Looks like the newest version is 87.0.4280.109)