Learning Backpacks & Supplies

  • backpack AACPS will be supplying a backpack with supplies to every preK through 5th grade student before school starts in the fall.  Please do not feel the need to purchase school supplies as the backpack will have everything your student will need as September 8th arrives and Virtual teaching and learning begins.

    Special Education students enrolled in early childhood intervention (ECI), K-12 specialty site programs (ACC & Autism), the three developmental centers, and students attending a non-public school who are working towards a certificate of program completion will receive learning materials and other resources.  Items include basic school supplies, various learning visual aids and math manipulatives.


    NOTE:  If you are a family in need of additional learning materials, please reach out to your student’s principal to ask if they have additional materials to offer you.

School Supplies

  • All AACPS middle and high schools each have single supply lists for students across the school district.  Families: Please download the supply lists below to use to purchase back-to-school materials and supplies for your middle and high school students. 

    NOTE: When purchasing supplies, please remember that we do not want you to buy more than you need.  Think about the classes your student will be taking and buy the quantity of paper and folders that make sense to you so your student is able to be organized throughout the fall semester.   

    Charter/Contract and Specialty School lists will be posted as soon as they are available.