Fall 2020


  • 10/15/20 How will we know when the bus will pick up our student for the hybrid learning days?

    The Transportation Department will post bus stops and pickup times as they do annually.  We will post it on the AACPS website as soon as students have been scheduled into cohorts and placed on either A-days or B-days for their in-person learning.

  • 10/10/20 How are buses being guaranteed given the historical struggle to adequately staff buses in the pre-Covid-19 environment?

    We have planned to transport approximately ½ of all elementary students/school on A days (Monday and Tuesday) and the other ½ on B days (Thursday and Friday).  At present we are ready to execute this plan.

  • 10/9/20 Will the school system be coordinating classes so that children in the same household operate on the same schedules?

    To the best of our ability, we will coordinate the classes to support children in the same household to remain on the same schedule.  It is a priority for us to do this as students who live in the same household are their own cohort and should not mix with any more students than is absolutely necessary.  Keeping them riding the same bus is important.


  • Will same-household students be seated close together on the bus?

    Most often the transportation schedules will be designed so that each student will have their own seat.  Students living in the same home may sit in the same seat together which does allow for the possibility of putting a few additional students on any one bus.  We will transport 22-26 students/bus.  This accounts for some students from the same home riding in the same seat.  This will not be random.  Schools will decide the placement of students on the bus based on where they live (community), the number of students/family, and the teachers available for teaching in-person by grade level on A or B days.

  • Will any students be able to ride the school buses to our elementary schools without masks?


  • How will CDC guidelines be implemented on the bus, during travel times for eligible students?

    CDC guidelines must be adhered to in all environments, this includes the bus stop and on the bus. Seat assignments, seat distancing, and mask wearing will all be required on county and contracted buses.

  • How many students will be allowed to ride a bus at the same time in the fall when we go back to school?

    22-26 students will be able to ride a bus at one time.  Every student will have their own seat.  It is permissible for students from the same family or who live in the same house to ride in the same seat on the bus.

  • This website (www.aacps.org/fall2020) will outline the work being done and will also include answers to your many questions. It will be updated throughout the summer as more decisions are made regarding the fall.