Fall 2020


  • 10/18/20 If we send in a personal computer with our student to school when he goes to school for hybrid learning and the computer gets damaged, will my family be compensated for the loss of the computer?

    No.  This is similar to sending any item to school with your student, should the item be stolen or damaged, the school system is not liable for the item.  If your student does not have an AACPS Chromebook by the time we begin hybrid learning, we will most likely set up a desktop computer in the classroom for your student to use.  If you choose to send in your personal computer for any reason, you would assume the liability for any loss or damage that may occur.

  • 10/15/20 Does my student need to bring their power cord (charger, charging cord, etc.) with them to school to charge their Chromebook?

    No, we will have charging stations set up for Chromebooks to be recharged during the day in the classroom.  Please send your student to school with a fully charged Chromebook each day.  We do not want your student to lose their charging cord. As such, please do not send the charging cord with them to school.

  • 10/15/20 Will I be able to send in my student’s own computer to school for their use in the classroom?

    We prefer students are using a Chromebook as our support technicians can troubleshoot and support the AACPS Chromebooks.  That said, if you haven’t been issued an AACPS Chromebook, we will be reaching out to students who choose the hybrid model to offer them a Chromebook very soon.  If you simply wish to send your own device to school on hybrid schooling days with your student, you may do so at your own risk.  Students will be able to access the internet using their own device, but our support technicians will not be available to support any device that does not belong to AACPS should it shut down or cease to work properly during the school day.

  • 10/10/20 What accommodations are being made to ensure that students learning virtually will be able to hear a teacher with a mask on, who may be walking around the room to attend to in-person students?

    We have technology to ensure that teachers will be able to be heard by both students in the classroom and at home.  Testing began several weeks ago and is ongoing to make sure all teachers have access to a solution to this challenge.  The solution will vary by school and classroom.

  • 10/9/20 Will students be using their Chromebooks for all learning in school (in the Hybrid Model) as they are using them at home now for virtual learning?

    No.  Students in school will be in front of their teacher. They will not have to be “tethered” to their Chromebook for learning.  However, the teacher will use the learning applications the students are used to routinely. When an application is used, the student will use their Chromebook to access/use the chosen learning tool.  In addition, the students will receive cultural arts virtually using the Chromebook for some time period each day.

  • Is it possible for my family to purchase a Chromebook through the AACPS Technology Division, so the tablet has everything my child would need pre-installed?

    You will not need to purchase a Chromebook for your AACPS students.  AACPS will be providing every student in AACPS with a Chromebook over the next several months.

  • There are some families that do not have access to the internet at home or who need additional devices for their students. How can I help my neighbors who may need assistance?

    Thank you for your willingness to increase students’ access to technology at home.  The 21st Century Education Foundation has established an eLearning fund, so that individuals and organizations can make tax-deductible contributions for equipment/devices and internet service.  Click here for more information  https://63610.thankyou4caring.org/elearningfund

  • What do I do if my student needs a device to participate in distance learning?

    Every AACPS student will eventually receive their own device for Fall 2020. We have begun to provide the Chromebooks to our students beginning with those who needed them in the spring of 2020.  We are continuing to distribute Chromebooks to our students participating in all of our virtual summer programs at all levels.  Finally, we will continue to distribute Chromebooks to all 85,000 AACPS students throughout the summer and into the early fall semester. 

    NOTE:  Due to global supply chain disruptions related to COVID-19, we do not currently have enough Chromebooks to give every student a Chromebook by the first day of school.  We will continue to distribute Chromebooks throughout July, August, September, and October as the devices arrive and we are able to image them and get them ready for student learning.   

  • Recognizing the importance of 1:1 device access with connectivity, what is the process if a family-owned device becomes broken/unusable during the school year, after the Chromebook distribution window has ended?

    If a technology device is no longer accessible in the home, the family can make a request with the school administrator to acquire a loaned AACPS Chromebook. Being connected is important to continued growth and academic success. The student will be given the AACPS Chromebook on loan as soon as possible following the principal being notified of the family’s need.


    AACPS will be providing Chromebooks to all AACPS students.  We will become a 1:1 district where every student is given a Chromebook to use for learning throughout their time learning in the school district.  We will design a Chromebook distribution plan sensitive to the needs of families with multiple children in the system.  Our goal is to have a Chromebook in every student’s hands by the end of October, 2020.  

  • This website (www.aacps.org/fall2020) will outline the work being done and will also include answers to your many questions. It will be updated throughout the summer as more decisions are made regarding the fall.