Fall 2020


  • 10/23/20 I am a teacher who applied for an accommodation to remain working virtual through December 31, 2020. If I don’t hear back by the time school-based employees are directed to return to their schools on November 2, 2020, what do I do?

    If you have formally applied for an accommodation through the Registration Process and are awaiting a decision from HR, you will remain teaching virtually from home until HR notifies you of their decision regarding your accommodation request.

  • 10/15/20 Will we be afforded the opportunity to delay the Registration of our students until we feel that we have all the answers needed to make the best learning model choices for our student?

    Extra time has been afforded families as the deadline for registration has been moved from October 15 to October 19, 2020.  We have posted FAQs on the www.aacps.org/oct2020familyrepoening website to increase the clarity of information based on questions we are receiving daily.  Everyone is expected to register their students by 5pm on Monday, October 19, 2020.  Students whose registration forms have not been received by the deadline on 10/19/20 will default to the Virtual-Full Year model.

  • 10/15/20 Should we choose to stay virtual until the end of the first semester will this impact my child's ability to remain with the current group of students receiving special education services.

    You should select the model in which you believe your student will thrive.  We will attempt to keep student peers together with their teachers.  There many unknowns at this time; as such, it is quite possible the grouping of students and/or teacher may change.

  • 10/15/20 Will all special services (speech, OT, ESL, etc) occur inside the classroom during the 2 hour break. Will any students be leaving the classroom to receive services under any circumstance?

    Some special services will be push-in services in the classroom during the midday break and others will occur virtually at this time or virtually as they do now during other times in the school day.  When services are occurring, other students will be working on i-Ready or First in Math, etc.  Those services that are push-in will occur as they have in the past, pre-COVID. There may be some limited pull-out services when that service can be accomplished without increased health risk and/or if student privacy is a concern.

  • 10/15/20 Are you looking for volunteers to help monitor students during the midday block of time in the school day?

    Yes, we have many parents, grandparents, and guardians who have been fingerprinted and are able to serve as student monitors during the midday block as they would serve as chaperones on field trips.  For those who may wish to volunteer who have not yet been fingerprinted, we will offer fingerprinting sessions where they can be fingerprinted.

    Here is the Volunteer Flyer where you can find more information about volunteering to support and monitor students during the midday break.

  • 10/15/20 Which models allow families to make a new choice for second semester?

    Those families who choose Hybrid now, may stay in the Hybrid model or choose Virtual at the semester change, if they wish.  Those families who choose Virtual-Half Year now, may continue with virtual learning or choose Hybrid at the semester break.

  • 10/14/20 Will our choice as a family and what is in the best interest of our child impact who will be my child's case manager and special education team?

    The teacher assignments will be contingent upon all family registration forms and teacher accommodation.  We will do our very best to keep students with their current case manager and special education team.

  • 10/14/20 If a general or special educator is able to teach in-person to a small group of students, what protocols will be in place should a student or teacher come in contact with a positive COVID-19 case?

    Response plan will directed by the Anne Arundel County Health Department. See AACPS Confirmed Case Protocol sheet.

  • 10/13/20 If I choose hybrid and my student is put on an A Day rotation, will their days of the week stay constant throughout the rest of the semester?

    Yes.  If your student is assigned to A days as a hybrid learner, he/she will always go to school on Monday and Tuesday of each week.  Similarly, if you student is assigned to B-days, your student will attend school on Thursday and Friday of each week.

  • 10/13/20 Where are students placed whose families do not register them by the October 19th deadline?

    Any students who have not been registered by the deadline will be placed into the Virtual-Full Year model where the time schedule does not change from what is currently in operation.  We believe this is the least disruptive model for families.

  • 10/13/20 Will my child's IEP service hours be delivered in person or will the services be conducted virtually despite being present in the building? This question applies to all services- OT, speech, PT and special education services.

    Services may be provided in person or continue virtually, depending on student’s needs and time availability during the day and teacher/service provider’s availability. 

  • 10/13/20 Should some of my child's special education small group choose hybrid while some continue to learn in a virtual environment- will the special educator be teaching live to some and virtual to others?

    Remote/Virtual students will receive the same live instruction in real time with their in-person peers in the school. 

  • 10/10/20 What efforts are being made to shuffle the least number of students?

    We have the following priorities in place to shuffle the least number of students:

    • Try to keep students with their current teacher
    • Try to keep groups of students within classrooms together even if the teacher must be changed
    • Try to keep groups of students within classrooms together and assign other teachers from the school to each group, teachers with whom the students may have some familiarity

    It is important that everyone realizes that we are balancing a student demand (quantity) against a teacher supply (quantity) in each school.  We will do our very best to keep things as close to as they currently are, recognizing that some changes will occur simply based on the choice of models parents make for their children and the teacher need for accommodations due to childcare or health reasons.  We will begin the classroom adjustments when we have the data available from families and teachers.

  • 10/12/20 How will attendance be taken during hybrid learning? What if students get sick and cannot be present, can they log into class virtually?

    Attendance will be taken daily as it is taken in the brick & mortar school classroom.  If students are sick on hybrid days occasionally, there is no problem logging into the teacher’s classroom virtually.  However, if tardiness and/or truancy becomes routine and creates a problem with a lack of in-person/virtual balance in the classroom model, then we may have to move the student to a full virtual classroom for the semester. 

    If you want your student to remain connected closely to your current school, but anticipate that attendance may be a problem for your child, you should elect the Virtual-Half Year model.  Your student is highly likely to get one of the teachers from your school at your student’s grade level, perhaps even their own teacher.

  • 10/10/20 Is there an option for students to request to stay with their teacher? (I.e. Instead of choosing virtual +, or 100% virtual they could choose, “I’ll do whatever keeps me with my teacher.”)

    No, not at this time, but the schools will make students staying with their teacher a priority as new classroom rosters are built.

  • This website (www.aacps.org/fall2020) will outline the work being done and will also include answers to your many questions. It will be updated throughout the summer as more decisions are made regarding the fall.