Fall 2020



    Students who are learning in-person will participate in 30 min of recess daily – a time period that falls within the midday block.  Students will primarily be taking part in recess outdoors unless rain or sever cold precludes us from offering outside recess.  Students will stay in their classroom cohorted groups for recess, but will be able to play outside in rotational activity zones set up by the school administration.  Playground structures, balls, hoops, and other recess equipment will be available for student use.  Students will be expected to wash or sanitize their hands immediately before and after recess to maximize health safety for all.

  • 10/15/20 Will teachers be able to help students, tie shoes, help with backpacks, etc in the Virtual Plus - Hybrid model?

    Yes, teachers will be allowed to interact with students.  However, we do have to remember that we are in a pandemic and social distancing does matter.  If a student needs help with something, certainly a teacher or TA will be able to assist them.  Students will be able to move about the classroom, but their home base will be at their desk inside their given area.  Teachers and students will be able get up to interact, but we will be supporting mask-wearing at all times, the washing of hands or hand sanitizing regularly, and social distancing.

  • 10/9/20 Will the elementary students be expected to stay six feet from one another (in their 6x6 square area) the whole time they are doing in-person learning in school (in the hybrid model)?

    During teacher-directed learning and during cultural arts when a Chromebook will be needed, students will be seated at their desks.  There will be some learning station time and some circle time, although adjusted a bit for added distance between students.  Students will be able to move about the room to wash their hands, go to the bathroom, and visit the learning stations.

  • 10/1/20 Will my child have the opportunity to work in groups/teams if they return to school for in-person hybrid learning?

    They will be able to work in teams, but not at a group nor at the kidney or reading table.  Teamwork may be accomplished be partners who are sitting 6 feet apart or they may be teams who are formed on Google Meet.  The Health Department requires us to honor the social distancing guidelines of 6 feet between students.

  • 9/30/20 If I send my student to school, will they be able to have social time with other students?

    Yes, students will be able to speak with other students, have lunch with their peers in their classroom, and play with their classmates at outdoor recess.  However, students from one classroom will remain with one another in a cohort all day long.  There will be no mixing of students between classrooms.  Each classroom will have 10-12 students and these students will be considered a cohort and will be expected to stay together throughout the day.  students will be spaced in the classroom to be approximately 6 feet from one another as well as 6 feet from the teacher and any teaching assistant who may be present on any given day.

  • Will social distancing be a part of my child’s day if they return to school?

    Social distancing will be honored in accordance with CDC guidelines.  Students desks will be placed approximately 6 ft apart in the classroom.  They will be expected to work within their 6x6 square area (36 sq ft) using their desk, backpack materials, and Chromebook.

    Students will remain in their classroom for lunch and cultural arts.  They will remain together in their classroom cohort of 10-12 students for recess as well.  When they travel, students will be approximately 6 feet apart and will be masked, even when playing outside.

  • What guidelines will direct social distancing protocols?

    Our plans to reopen in the fall include following the current guidelines of the Anne Arundel County Health Department that support social distancing for a maximum of 10-12 people per average-size classroom.  We will reevaluate our social distancing requirements as the Anne Arundel County Health Department and CDC guidelines change.

  • Who is working on the plans for the reopening schools in September of 2020? Are you thinking about the importance of social distancing?

    We have a suite of 14 Future Planning Committees (FPCs) with stakeholders from AACPS staff, students, parents, and our partner organizations working on all aspects surrounding the reopening schools for the fall.  Many of the excellent questions being asked are currently under study by these committees.  We will post answers throughout the summer as decisions are made.

    The 14 Future Planning Committees (FPCs) are divided into three areas.  The FPCs’ focus areas are:

    Whole Child

    • Equity
    • Academics
    • Student Services
    • Special Education
    • Co-Curriculars-Athletics-Performing Arts
    • Instructional Data & Instructional Technology


    • Human Resources & Employee Relations
    • Safety & Security
    • Facilities
    • Technology
    • Food, Nutrition Services & Transportation
    • Communications


    • Child Care
    • Community Partnerships

  • This website (www.aacps.org/fall2020) will outline the work being done and will also include answers to your many questions. It will be updated throughout the summer as more decisions are made regarding the fall.