Fall 2020


  • 10/16/20 As a teacher I am very worried that I may lose my position in my school based on my choice to ask for an accommodation or leave. Should I be worried?

    Our intent is not to move teachers out of their home school.  We are a compassionate employer and as such we will try our very best to keep schools with their students and staff members.  However, a lengthy leave of absence may cause a loss of a teacher’s home school position.

  • 10/9/20 How will we be sensitive to the needs of students and teachers who will be newly grouped when students return to school?

    We have lessons written for transitioning and we are planning for relationship building as we did in the beginning of the year.  Any classrooms where there are new students or the teacher is new to the group of students will take time to build relationships and community as we did in the beginning of this school year.

  • 9/30/20 I want to volunteer in my child’s school this fall. What will be required of me to enter the building, work with groups of students?

    At present, we are not planning to allow traditional volunteers or visitors to participate in the in-person classroom learning in our schools in the fall of 2020 due to social distancing guidelines and potential health risks for students and personnel.  This plan may be reevaluated in the future should CDC or Anne Arundel County Health Department guidelines change.

    However, we are looking for volunteers to serve as Student Room/Recess Monitors and Teaching Assistants during the Midday block at school. If you are interested in volunteering at your student’s school or another elementary school in Anne Arundel County in this capacity for two hours, four days per week (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) during midday, please contact Sue Chittim at schittim@aacps.org or call 410-224-6228 and leave a message.

  • 9/29/20 How will you support the mental health needs of students?

    We will spend our first days back at school (Virtual, Hybrid, or In-Person) connecting and listening to student’s stories and building relationships. Advisories and community building circles will have dedicated time in the schedule for elementary, middle and high school students focusing on social-emotional needs.

  • 9/25/20 Are you planning any transition support time for students coming back to school after the traumatic spring followed by a summer that wasn’t exactly what most students are used to summers being?

    Yes.  There will many purposeful activities offered during the first two weeks that are designed to transition students slowly back to school this fall.  The live real-time learning with their teacher and classmates or peers for 3-4 hours/day will help students feel like they are returning to a school setting – even if it is a virtual school setting.

  • 9/1/20 Are you thinking about a transition back to school in the fall that includes mental and emotional supports for students and their families?

    We recognize that students and families have been under a great deal of stress during the months of school closure due to COVID-19.  When school reopens in the fall we are planning for social emotional sharing time, community circles, and advisory sessions to support students’ transitions from asynchronous eLearning from home during the spring of 2020 to a more academically robust in-person, virtual, or hybrid synchronous learning environment in the Fall of 2020 when school reopens.  We are planning regular activities and opportunities to support the whole student, especially the overall social-emotional well-being of our students as they focus on growing, playing, and learning in our school district.

  • 8/20/20 If my student requires support from their student services team within their home school, how will that be arranged/coordinated?

    Teleconferencing through Google Meet can support student connection and services if we reopen virtually. AACPS Student Services team in collaboration with your student’s teacher/school want to eliminate any barrier to learning as health and wellness are critical features of school success.

  • 8/15/20 Will childcare be provided if students are not back to school full-time/face-to-face in the Fall?

    AACPS is fully aware of the importance of childcare for our students’ families and our employees’ families.  We are taking this into account as we build our learning model options for the fall.  We will not, however, be providing childcare for families.  Our main focus and responsibility is to provide rich and robust academic learning, special education services, social emotional supports, and co-curricular offerings in the virtual, hybrid, and/or in-person learning settings.

  • This website (www.aacps.org/fall2020) will outline the work being done and will also include answers to your many questions. It will be updated throughout the summer as more decisions are made regarding the fall.