Steering and Working Committees

  • About the Committees

    The 14 Future Planning Committees are composed of AACPS employees, students, parents, AACPS bargaining unit members, AACPS advisory group members, community organizations and community partners.  The Steering Committee and Chairs of the each of the committees are AACPS Senior Staff Members.

    The work these Future Planning Committees are challenged to accomplish is much more than work to simply reopen schools in the fall of 2020.  It is important work focused on designing a reopened school system where we truly live the three values in our strategic plan to purposefully meet the needs of ALL our students.

    AACPS Strategic Plan Values

    All Means ALL

    • All Students, Families, Employees & Community Members Feel Welcome
    • Diversity is Invited, Nurtured, and Celebrated
    • Everyone in the AACPS Family Fosters Student Growth

    Ready, Set, Launch

    • All Students are Prepared for College, Career, and Community Inside the Classroom and Beyond the Classroom Walls

    Sound Stewardship

    • AACPS Business Practices are Designed for Quality, Effectiveness, and Efficiency 

Steering Committee

  • Role

    Provide the charges to the working committees, gather and synthesize committee work, make preliminary decisions, bring strongest workgroup options to our Superintendent for final decision(s)

    Steering Committee Members

    Maureen McMahon, Deputy Superintendent for Academics & Strategic Initiatives

    Monique Jackson, Deputy Superintendent for Student & School Support

    Maisha Gillins, Executive Director of Equity and Accelerated Student Achievement

    Michele Batten, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction

    Dawn Lucarelli, Associate Superintendent for School Performance

    Jessica Cuches, Executive Director of Human Resources

    Greg Barlow, Chief Information Officer

    Matt Stanski, Director of Financial Operations

    Process Manager

    Mary Tillar, Assistant Superintendent for Advanced Studies & Programs


Working Committees