SSL Leadership Team

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    The SSL Leadership Team is a group of Anne Arundel County Public School high school students who have a heart for service, a love for their community, and qualities of a good leader. Our mission is to understand and critically analyze issues, apply learning, and partner with our peers to make a positive impact in our communities by engaging in service learning and encouraging others to serve. 


    We have been meeting weekly, Wednesdays at 3  on Google Meet. During our meetings we are able to interact with like minded students, discuss service opportunities, explore the service learning portal, and meet non-profit coordinators who share information on how to get involved. 


    Once we return to school, we will meet twice per  month, once virtually and once in person. The goal is to have between 1 - 3 students from each high school on this team. At this time we do not have representatives from Old MIll or Northeast. We will spread the importance of service learning to not only other students in the county, but to our entire community. 


    If you are interested in joining the team, please contact Mrs. Fowler at