• May 8, 2020

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    Meade HS Student Named Finalist in Nationwide Competition, Needs Your Votes


    Michael Herndon is a Junior at Meade High School, and when he isn't studying, he makes video games on his computer. You may remember him from a newsletter last year, in which he became a finalist in the nationwide Coolmath Game Jam. We're happy to announce that he's done it again this year! For becoming a finalist, he'll win $500, and he'll win $1,000 more if he wins the public vote.

    On that note, you can play and vote for Michael's game, "Run, Doodleguy!" on Coolmath Games here.

    You can also watch the trailer he created for the game here.

    Voting for the Coolmath Game Jam ends on Sunday, May 10, 2020. The winner will be revealed that night, or the following Monday morning.


    BOE Adjusts School Calendar to Account for Closures; Last Day for Student is Now June 18

    BOE Approves Plan to Leave School Meal Prices Unchanged for 2020-21 School Year



    "Shout out to the Annapolis High School NJROTC program for being awarded Distinguished Unit honors! This puts the unit, which includes students from multiple high schools, in the top 20% of all NJROTC programs nationwide. This is the 20th consecutive year that they have earned this distinction." - Annapolis HS Tweet

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  • Highlights from Our Thank-A-Teacher Campaign

    Posted by Melvin Edwards on 5/7/2020

    With so much going on right now, I thought you might appreciate a little pick-me-up to let you know how much our students & families appreciate the work of our teachers. 

    Once again this year, Lauren Grey-Hawkins has taken the lead on our Thank-A-Gram project to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.  In the past 2 ½ days, we have already received, reviewed, and sent out almost 1,100 Thank-A-Grams to teachers throughout the county.  Here are a few of the highlights.  Enjoy!

    Saoirse, Student, Ridgeway Elementary

    Hi  Ms. Stanton! I hope you have a wonderful day and a fabulous Teacher Appreciation Week!  I really really miss you! My dad, sister, and I finished our garden yesterday. It looks good. It took us only two days to complete. Has anything fun happened to you this week? I really miss talking to you and seeing you at school.  Thank you for always listening!  I hope you are doing well this morning and I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Bana M., Parent, Crofton Meadows Elementary

    To Mrs. Joop, Thank you , I want you to know how much we appreciate your work with my daughter and our family. As emigrant parents who have less communication skills , Mrs. Joop was all the time very supportive teacher and partner to my family . Someone likes you will make the world better place . We love you and we are so grateful that you are Nouralhuda's teacher.

    Mackenzie, Alum, Northeast High School

    Hi Mr. Imwold, I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for me when I was still in high school in your AP environmental science class to now when I am a junior in college at UMBC studying to be a high school biology teacher myself! You have inspired me in so many ways and given me a love and appreciation for science and teaching. Your respect, kindness, and passion for teaching and your students are unmatched and I am grateful to have been your student. I wish you the best!

    Charlie, Student, Bodkin Elementary

    Thank you for making me look forward to our online school almost as much as normal school!

    Ben, Husband

    I know this isn't from your one of your students, but I just wanted to let you know how much more love and respect I have for you as a teacher after seeing all the hard work you are doing in our home. I know seeing your kids online is probably the best part of your day. I love listening to how excited you get when you see your students on Google Meet, and I can hear their excitement too, even from a distance! It's because you care so much for them. I'm so happy to share my life with an amazing dedicated teacher like you!

    Justin, Student, Meade High School

    Thank you Ms.Stevens for being one of Meade High’s greatest. You go Above and Beyond for your students and I wish more teachers were like you. AVID has helped me in so many ways but the program and curriculum can only be as good as the teacher who teaches it. Just know looking back 20 years from now you will be one of the teachers I think about because you have impacted my and other students lives in the best way possible. By doing one thing.. being you !

    Poppy, Student, Central Special

    Thank you Ms Jo being such a fun teacher. My favorite part of Pre K is when we do centers! I had oatmeal for breakfast today. I miss you!

    Taryn Ferch, Department Chair, Glen Burnie High School

    Mr. Kress, A.K.A. the King of Birthdays, is an AP Physics teacher by day, and a wordsmith by night.  What makes him unique is that he keeps a dossier on faculty and staff at GBHS, where he completes a very detailed interview for each person's birthday, and then he provides annual updates.  He sends them out to the DL, with pictures of each person he interviews, so that you can put a face to the name.  This is really important in a school like Glen Burnie, where we are physically separated in multiple buildings around campus.  I feel like when I read his birthday messages, I get to know the people that he writes about, even if I don't regularly see them out and about.  It's one thing he does to build community. Did I mention that he has a long commute and he's a gym rat? He does all of that before school each day.  I have seen him doing some pretty cool physics demonstrations outside, and I know that his students appreciate the hands on activities he does to make physics relatable.   


    Charlie, Student, Broadneck High School

    Dear Mrs. Steven, I really want to thank you for the amount of work and support you've given not only me, but the rest of our class during these times to help us succeed and prepare for the AP test. The class I miss being in the most is undoubtedly yours. It feels weird not going in everyday and sitting in my seat. However, your Friday videos and work help me prepare for my first AP test. You're the best teacher that I have getting me through this break from school. I wish nothing more to have a class before the test, but I can't. Regardless, I know that your announcements and videos will help me get the score I've been aiming for. I can safely say that from your work, it's not just me thanking you, it's your entire class. You've been working hard and I wanted to acknowledge that. I'm looking forward to seeing you in class again.

    Colby, Student, Old Mill Middle North

    THANK YOU for putting up with me and for giving me chances!

    Katherine M, Parent, Crofton Middle School

    Mr. Parsley has been an incredible teacher for my son this year - under his care, my 7th grader has become not just a better student but a better person. Mr. Parsley teachers Social Studies, one of my child's favorite subjects - he has broadened his knowledge and understanding and helped him learn to apply that knowledge. The after school club Mr. Parsley runs as helped my child learn to focus more and be centered. He has been a positive guiding influence in my sons growth and I am so grateful - middle school is HARD. Our kids spend the majority of their day at school - they need of course excellent teachers to help them learn the course material, but the need quality people they can look up to and Mr. Parsley has been that for my son.

    Lauren Frank., Alum & Teacher, Riviera Beach Elementary

    Ms. Florh: From being your student in 3rd grade science to now being your teammate, you have taught me so much and I am beyond thankful for you! If I become half the teacher you are I will consider my career a success. Your students are so lucky to have you!

    Tariq, Student, Crofton Elementary School

    I want to thank my teacher Mrs. Devereaux for her help with learning from home.  I was sick and quarantined and missed a lot of assignments.  Mrs. Devereaux dropped a card to me on the porch and met with me everyday on google meets until I got caught up.  Mrs. Devereaux makes me happy and lets me know she is proud of me.  She is Awesome!

    Clarissa, Parent, Georgetown East

    I would like to say Thank you Mrs Lind for being so patient and attentive to Jakobi. It's  not always easy but with your help Jakobi is progressing and getting better and better each day. Thank you for being an awesome communicator and keeping us parents in the loop even when we sometimes fall short. I think between working and parenting a lot of us parents frequently get overwhelmed but you take a lot of the weight off by simply being a part of our children's lives. Thanks for bonding and teaching our kids individually so they can remain comfortable and learn in the way that's best for them. Thanks for believing in Jakobi, loving him and staying on top of him. It really does take a village and your apart of ours. I can't thank you enough. You are definitely appreciated , Georgetown East should be grateful to have a teacher such as yourself. Truly a blessing to all you come In contact with. Keep doing what your doing you make education fun.

    Hritish, Student, Oakwood Elementary

    Thank you for teaching us and helping us learn and making us really smart, thank you for teaching and being nice and kind and helpful to us. You are a really nice and helpful, great teacher.

    Cathy M, Parent, Davidsonville Elementary

    Thank you, Mr. Tremel for all you do to make physical education fun for the kids!  Our girls have had so much fun in your class this year!  Thank you also for your continued efforts to reach out during this period of e-learning.  Your jokes and comments when you respond to the girls' assignments have brought smiles to their faces.  They have had fun trying to come up with a joke for your push-up challenge that will make you laugh!  We appreciate you!

    Bryn, Teacher/Daughter, Arundel High School

    Hey Mom/Mrs. Hubbard!! Thank you for showing me what being a teacher is all about. I am so thankful for you and being able to follow in your footsteps. Hopefully I will get to grow into a great teacher just like you have been for 34 years! You are an amazing teacher and those Arundel kids are very lucky to have you but I'm the luckiest since I get you as a mom. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

    Janiyah, Student, Freetown Elementary

    Thank you for all that you do. I miss you and hope to see you soon. The substitute today was horrible (my mom)!

    Emily, Student, Southern High School

    Ms. Smith: Thank you for everything that you do for me! Dance company has provided me with a place where I felt I belonged throughout the years and that's all because of you. You care about everyone who walks through the dance room door and I admire you so much for that. Over the past four years you've became like my second mom. I know I can come to you no matter what is going on. Thank you for making Southern feel like home for me.

    The Shinnamons, Folger McKinsey Elementary

    Thank you for your support!!! Thank you for seeing Ethan for all his potential!! I know that even with the current situation, thanks to you, he has the best possible foundation going into middle school.

    Laura S, Parent, Jessup Elementary

    Ms. Hill has been a breath of fresh air in the ECI classroom. You have worked such incredible magic with my daughter. You have made possible what I thought was impossible. You made Kylie WANT to learn. You take each child and make them feel special. You were made for teaching. And I am glad that I got to meet and know you. Thank you for everything you do for each of your children.

    Krystal N., Parent Hilltop Elementary

    I just wanted to thank you for being so kind, helpful, and thoughtful! Collin absolutely adores you and loves being in your class. These days he enjoys the google meet to be able to see you, he definitely misses you! Thank you for the emails and check ins, I never doubt he is in good hands with you! I have learned being a teacher is not for me, it takes a special person to have the patience and dedication, you clearly have both of those! Thank you so much for all you do everyday to help Collin learn and grow, you are so appreciated!

    Katie H, Parent, Millersville Elementary

    You show so much passion everyday and have done an amazing job getting creative and continuing to help your students during this unprecedented time.  Although your classroom has become your kitchen table we appreciate everything that you do!  Keep up the amazing work and continue to bring your positivity each and everyday. 

    Christine C, Parent, Severna Park High School

    Hi Coach Bryden! Thank you for the lessons you teach on and off the mat.  Gavin respects you and values your opinion. You are a role model for him and someone he truly looks up to.  Thank you for your leadership and compassion for your students.

    Kathleen M., Parent Tracey’s Elementary

    Mrs. Drake is amazing! She is the main reason my son is missing attending school right now. She has helped him grow tremendously this school year and has the patience of a saint. She is always a phone call or email away. She loves all her kids so much. She embraces their strengths and works through their weaknesses. She makes learning fun. Every child has a teacher that makes a lasting impression on them and I truly believe Mrs. Drake is it for my son. The only thing I wish is that she could be my son's teacher forever! We love Mrs. Drake!

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