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    8th Grade: Lisa Elliott           lgelliott@aacps.org                                                 

    7th Grade: Michael Norton    mnorton@aacps.org                                                  

    6th Grade: Kerry McMillan    kmcmillan@aacps.org

    6,7 & 8th Grade STEM Caseload: Faith Culp fculp@aacps.org


    School Psychologist:        

    Mechelle Gunther  mgunther@aacps.org



    Patricia Donnelly   pkdonnelly@aacps.org   

    Cynthia Coleman   clcoleman1@aacps.org


    Confidentiality and Privacy: The consent and exchange of information via email and/or social media is not confidential or private. Students and families should be aware that school staff may report information that is harmful or inappropriate to school personnel or parents/guardians of involved students.