• The resources PDF pages include activities and communication boards that can be printed from any device to a printer to use at home with your student.  If you do not have access to a printer, some of the files can be viewed and used from the computer/tablet screen.  Your child's teacher can provide guidance on the use of these resources in the home setting.

    MATH - Math activities that can be printed from home or used on the screen.  These include a variety of topics and activities that students have utilized in the school setting.

    Literacy/Reading - Literacy activities include pages you can use when reading a story including before reading, during reading and after reading strategies.  Social stories below provide students with informational text. 

    Routines and Structure - These files support daily routines and behaviors at home. 

    Communication -  The communication files include visuals that are frequently used at school to support student communication.  These include tools to assist with communicating wants, needs, feelings, and frequently used vocabulary.  



Routine and Structure