• Additional up to date information on the beginning of the school year can also be found at https://www.aacps.org/fall2020.


    Students can access their AACPS Google Drive and Classlink by signing into Google Chrome on their computers. Link to more information on how to access.

    • PreK to Grade 3:  Video  
    • All Students Grade 4-12: Video

    Students can log into the Chrome Browser with their student ID# number@aacps.org (example:546789@aacps.org)

    • For students in grades K-3, passwords are the student’s birthdate YYYYMMDD
    • For students in grades 4-12, passwords were created by each student. Ask your child what they created as their password.

    If students need to reset their passwords, parents should call 410-224-4783 or 410-222-5135 from 9-3 pm Monday-Friday.