Frequently Asked Questions - For Families

  • Dear Families,

    First and foremost, we want everyone to focus on staying healthy and safe during this time away from school. We recognize that these are very uncertain times and that many of the routines you and your students are used to are not currently in place.

    We have posted student learning experiences designed to engage students for a few hours each day. For many students, this daily learning will help them establish routine to add comfort and stability to their day.  Beyond the lessons we posted, encouraging students to read, draw, build with blocks or Legos, exercise, play board games, and explore their other AACPS online resources would be wonderful. After Spring Break, we will launch our AACPS eLearning with teachers offering Learning Support Time and Office Hours on a daily basis. Teachers will be in contact with students very soon to reconnect with them and bring them all into our Google Classroom online learning environment.

    We hope many of the questions you may have will be answered by the Frequently Asked Questions posted below.  If you have additional questions, please e-mail them to:

    Please note:  You do not need cable TV to access any of the posted videos. They are available online at the links on the left side of this page.


    We have provided supplemental mathematics and reading/language arts experiences that are offered on an every-other-day rotation (online and on AACPS TV).  Social Studies and science learning experiences are also posted should you want your student(s) to explore them. Some encore offerings as well as stretching and ‘readying for learning’ exercises have also been made available. The experiences are all aligned to AACPS curricula.

  • Trouble logging in? Please read...

    We are beginning to transition to students using their own Google Chrome logins to access resources. This is being done to address copyright issues and to prepare students to transition to Google Classroom. Families will need to log out of their personal Google Chrome accounts and then have students log into their school accounts using their student ID number as their user name ( and then their passwords.

    For students who need to have their passwords reset, parents should call 410-224-4783 or 410-222-5135 from 9- 3 (M-F) to have it reset. 

  • Are AACPS lessons available on Live Streaming, YouTube, or DirectTV?

    Unfortunately, due to copyright permission restrictions in broadcasting certain content outside of Anne Arundel County, we are not able to connect our lessons to Live Streaming or YouTube.

  • Does students have to complete the learning experiences or lessons provided?

    What we have posted is designed to engage your student in learning while away from school. There will be no penalty for your student if he/she/they are unable to complete this work.

  • Are we expected to turn in the finished lessons to my student’s teacher?

    The learning experiences posted are offered to students to engage in during this two-week break.  Students will not be asked to submit their work from these experiences at school following the break and this work will not be graded. 

  • What is the main goal of the AACPS learning experiences?

    The AACPS experiences are supplemental lessons and are not meant to be a one-to-one replacement of what your student would have received had they been in school.

  • How were the Learning Extensions Activities selected for each grade level?

    The extensions were selected based on age appropriateness. These learning experiences were selected to offer students time for fun, practice, and tool use to build skills.  

  • Where is the TV schedule to view the lessons?

    The schedule is available here

  • Is there a way to access the TV offerings if you do not have cable?

    The videos are embedded in the web pages (lessons) at each grade level online (only needs an internet connection). 

  • How Do I Access ClassLink and the Google Drive or reset my password?

    Students can access their AACPS Google Drive and Classlink by signing into Google Chrome on their computers. View more information on how to access.

    • PreK to Grade 3:  Video  
    • All Students Grade 4-12: Video

    Students can log into the Chrome Browser with their student ID# (

    • For students in grades K-3, passwords are the student’s birthdate YYYYMMDD
    • For students in grades 4-12, passwords were created by each student. Ask your child what they created as their password.

    If students need to reset their passwords, parents should call 410-224-4783 or 410-222-5135 from 9-3 pm Monday-Friday.

  • How do I get a student's password changed or reset?

    If students need to reset their passwords, parents should call 410-224-4783 or 410-222-5135 from 9-3 pm Monday-Friday.

  • Can a student skip a day? Do the lessons need to be done in sequence?

    There is no specific sequence or progression required when engaging in the lessons. Not only can students skip, they can revisit lessons, if they wish to do so.  Suggested daily schedules are now available here

  • What is the schedule of how to complete the lessons? Can lessons be done all in one sitting?

    Elementary and middle school leveled lessons were designed to support daily engagement. Content explorations rotate between Math and Reading/Language Arts, although Science and Social Studies offerings are also available for middle school students. High school students are directed to ‘stay the course’ with their studies according to their course syllabi and assignments they have been given by their teachers in the weeks prior to this two-week break.  

    Suggested schedules are now posted here

  • At what frequency are lessons being added?

    During the weeks of 3/16-4/3, online learning lessons on this site will be posted weekly.  Information will change at various timeframes once teachers begin using google classroom the week of 4/6/20.

  • Can I access the lessons from the previous week?

    Yes, lessons and learning material remains on the E-Learning website and is not deleted. Previous lessons are available.

  • Are there any restrictions to the videos embedded in the posted materials?

    No, all online resources are approved as AACPS learning tools for our students. In fact, many of these materials are actually built into our daily curriculum. 

  • What if I don’t have a printer?

    Worksheet printing is not required; it is a choice. If your student has access to the Internet, some of the materials are interactive, thus no printer is needed.  If your student does not have access to the Internet, please have them do their work on any paper that is available to them or in their journal, if they have one.

  • Does AACPS have any resources to help parents talk with their children about the COVID-19 virus?

    Yes, please see the information on our Social/Emotional Supports website.