What Makes a Strong Teacher of the Year Application?

  • The Teacher of the Year nomination packet is used to determine whether a nominee would be an outstanding representative of excellence in teaching for Anne Arundel County. It also serves as the first step in determining whether an AACPS nominee will be a strong candidate for the Maryland State Teacher of the Year competition.

    Click on a heading to review the the criteria that the selection committee considers when scoring a nominee’s Round One application.

  • What Makes a Strong Cover Letter?

    The cover letter, submitted by the nominating principal, is designed to highlight the nominee as a leader across the school community. The letter for an exceptional nominee:

    • Provides specific and varied examples of the impact that the nominee has had on the school learning community;
    • Describes how the teacher demonstrates a strong connection between teaching and student achievement;
    • Illustrates how the teacher provides leadership and models community service;
    • Shows evidence of extraordinary service, leadership, and community partnerships in support of student achievement.
    • Include anecdotes and testimonials from students, parents, and/or colleagues to illustrate the impact the nominee has had on the school community.

  • What Makes a Strong Philosophy of Teaching?

    This section, written by the nominated educator, allows the nominee to articulate a strong philosophy of teaching and share how this philosophy is reflected in the classroom. A highly scored philosophy of teaching:

    • Communicates a philosophy that is based on research-based practices; 
    • Reflects an understanding of the relationship between teaching and learning;
    • Reflect a grasp of the age-appropriate learning needs of students;
    • Includes concrete examples, and
    • Is written clearly, without errors.

  • What Makes a Strong Resumé?

    The resumé is designed to highlight the nominee’s education and career background. The resumé of an exceptional nominee will highlight: 

    • Academic credentials, such as a Master's Degree or an Ed.D./PhD, advanced professional certifications, and/or National Board Certification that the nominee has earned or is in the process of earning;
    • Participation in on-going professional development opportunities;
    • Regular collaboration with colleagues to implement innovative approaches to teaching;
    • Frequent contributions to non-classroom activities, including activities within the community, and to the education initiatives at the local, regional, and national levels;
    • Membership of professional organizations;
    • Other awards or recognitions the nominee has received, if applicable. 

    Note: Only information from the Professional Resume (1-2 pages) submitted with your application will be reviewed by the Selection Committee.

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