• Attendance At Magothy River Middle School

    Absences must be communicated in writing or through the Parent Portal within 3 days of the absence(s). The parent/guardian may send in a written note explaining the absence or complete the form in the Parent Portal.  When a student is absent six (6) consecutive days, a doctor’s note is required. 

    Thank you for communicating absences, particularly multiple day absences, in advance whenever possible.  However, please note that families will continue to receive the AACPS-automated absence call(s) for unexcused absences, such as travel.  More information about excused/unexcused absences can be found here. 

    Attendance Secretary: Ms. Tammy Hale
    Email: thale@aacps.org
    Phone:  410-544-0926  
    Fax: 410-544-1867



                     • Complete the Early Dismissal form in the Parent Portal or have your student bring a written note to the front office that has the time they need to be dismissed. 

                     • The office staff will call the student from class after the parent/guardian arrives and signs out the student.

                     • If the student returns to school, they should report to the office to get a pass before returning to class.

    ***In order to sign a student out, the adult must be on the student’s emergency card and present proper identification in the form of a government issued photo ID***

    Outside of emergency circumstances, please avoid early dismissals after 3:30 p.m. This allows us to keep our bus lot clear and doesn’t interfere with dismissal procedures.  If it is a last minute medical appointment, please call the office at 410-544-0926 so your student can meet you in the office.  


    Students that are late should bring a note stating the reason to the main office.  All students without a note will be coded as unexcused.                                                         

    School Attendance - What Every Parent Should Know

    AACPS Attendance Regulations