• Attendance At Magothy River Middle School

    Parents and guardians, please fill out the online Attendance Form for each day your student is absent. Absences shall be treated as unlawful until the attendance office receives a written or electronic note justifying the absence.

    Attendance Secretary: Ms. Tammy Hale
    Email: thale@aacps.org
    Phone:  410-544-0926  
    Fax: 410-544-1867


     Early Dismissal / Return to School

    I need to get my child out of school early for a dental/doctor appointment. What is the school policy for signing out a student?

    • Your child will bring a note to the office when they enter the school that has the time they need to be dismissed. The phone number of the parent should be included.

    • The office staff will issue a pass for the student to leave class at the requested time.

    • At the time of early dismissal, the student should show the pass to his or her teacher, go to his or her locker, and report to the office to be signed out.

    • If the student returns to school before the regular dismissal time, he or she should report to the office to get a pass before returning to class.

     In order to sign a student out, the adult must be on the student’s emergency card and must present proper identification in the form of a government issued photo ID.


    E X T E N D E D   A B S E N C E  –  P L A N N E D  /  S C H E D U L E D

    • Please note, a student is truant when he or she is unlawfully absent eight (8) or more days in a quarter; fifteen (15) days in a semester; or twenty (20) days in a school year. 
    • Students who are truant may not meet the requirements for earning credit. Please understand that, although make-up work may be permitted, extended absences are counted as official days absent for the school year.  Furthermore, understand that the student is subject, as are all students, to school rules regarding the maximum number of days absent and passing courses. 
    • A passing grade cannot be awarded if absences for the semester are excessive, according to Board of Education policy.  Understand that some grades for class participation cannot be made up and these absences may affect the student’s grade.
    • To request official recognition of an extended absence so that the student will not be marked truant, a student must do the following:

    1.  Obtain a Pre-Approved Notification of Absence form from the main office or download the appropriate form provided at the following link Pre-Approved Notification of Absence Form
    2.  Sign and date the form.
    3.  Have teachers complete the required information.
    4.  Take the form home to have the parent or guardian sign the form.
    5.  Return the form to the main office with a written note from the parent or guardian explaining the absence attached.
    6.  If teachers agree, the student should arrange to complete the work they will miss during their absence. 


    School Attendance - What Every Parent Should Know