Clubs and Activities


    Animal Rescue Club

    Ms. Melissa Souder
    School Performance Coach


    Anime Club

    Mr. Mathias Miller



    Best Buddies

    Ms. Ashley Schultz
    Teacher Assistant; Coach - Unified Sports



    Chess Club

    Dr. Eric Hehl
    Teacher - Science




    Ms. Angela Adams
    Teacher - Music



    Concert/Marching Band

    Eric Vonsas
    Teacher - Music



    Dance Company

    Amanda Quayle
    Teacher -Dance



    OMHS Dance Studio

    Dancers should dress in professional dance attire, and be prepared to learn and perform three movement combinations for a panel of judges. The combinations will be presented within the styles of ballet, modern, and jazz. Students should also be prepared to present a 45 second solo in any style of their choice.

    A list of dancers selected to Senior and Junior Dance Company will be posted on the Dance Studio door 



    * National and Regional High School Dance Festivals
    * MD State High School Dance Showcase
    * Anne Arundel County Dance Festivals
    * OMHS Winter and Spring Dance Concerts
    * OMHS Pep Rallies and Assemblies
    * Various community events (as invited)




    Environmental Club




    Food Club

    Ms. Meenu Choudhary
    Department Chair - Family and Consumer Sciences



    Future Business Leaders of America

    Ms. Janeatta Melton
    Business and Tech. Ed.



    Gay Straight Alliance

    Ms. Sunnie Davenport
    Teacher - Special Education



    Interfaith Society

    Mr. David Bauer
    Teacher - Social Studies



    International Club

    Mrs. Sanda Stoian
    Teacher - Science



    International Thespian Society

    Ms. Krista Parker
    Teacher - English; Patriot Players Theatre Director


    To be invited to join the International Thespian Society, a student must accomplish 2 goals--they must participate in 2 major stage productions and earn a minimum of 10 points. Each point represents approximately 10 hours worth of work. Invitations to join I.T.S. will be distributed each spring at the conclusion of the musical. Induction week and formal inductions take place in May of each year.



    It's Academic

    Ms. Virginia Sutherin
    IB Coordinator



    Key Club




    Latino Leaders




    Literary Magazine

    Ms. Lindsay Reed
    English, AP Art History, Literary Magazine Advisor



    Marching Band

    Eric Vonsas
    Teacher - Music


    How many days a week do you practice? What time do you practice?
    We rehearse three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, for a total of 8 hours per week. Monday and Thursday we rehearse from 2:30 – 4:30 and Wednesday we rehearse 2:30 – 6:30. You can also look at the band calendar (link to the left) to see how that looks during the school year.
    What about competitions?
    We compete and perform at football games from early September until the end of November, and however long the playoffs go. We have a great football team here at Old Mill and have gone to the State Championship twice in the last 5 years. Please check the calendar for the most accurate and up-to date dates for competitions and football games.

    How many trips are there during the whole school year?
    The vast majority of the trips that marching band takes are during the fall season for competitions. There are a few other performances that we do throughout the year that are community outreach events, parades and such, but most of those are on a volunteer basis.

    Have you found that there is a lot of scheduling conflicts if a student has other activities such as sports or clubs?
    I maintain an excellent relationships with all the coaches to help smooth out any scheduling issues. I have had a number of students that participate in other clubs and sports both in and outside of school.

    It seems like there would have to be a lot of fundraising to cover the fee? How many do you have?
    Our biggest fundraiser is the work that we do at Ravens Stadium. We run the Attman’s stand during football games and events and students and parents can both earn credit towards a student’s dues. We ask that parents and students work 5 games during the season, for which they will earn, in addition to the credits already accrued, a $300 bonus credit towards their student’s account.

    When is the fee due?
    We have a payment schedule that brings all dues and fees due by the end of the season. We do ask for a $100 payment towards the dues on the first day of band camp, Aug. 1. If there are difficulties with this, we ask that you communicate those difficulties as soon as possible so that we can overcome any obstacles standing in the way of student participation.



    Math Club








    Mock Trial

    Mrs. Alissa Parsons



    Model United Nations

    Welcome to the Model United Nations (MUN) homepage! Here we will post important dates for upcoming events such as fundraisers, meetings, and conferences.

    MUN was founded by Department Chair and History teacher David M. Krupski in 2011 as a way for students to come together and debate on important international topics.

    Ms. Emily Corbe
    Teacher - Social Studies



    National Art Honor Society

    Mrs. Jennifer Kraus
    Department Chairperson - Art



    National French Honor Society

    Ms. Samantha Werner
    Teacher - World and Classical Languages



    National Honor Society

    The object of the Old Mill High School chapter of The National Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character of all students of Old Mill Senior High School. Membership in the National Honor Society is by application and is based on a set of criteria. Applications will be given to any sophomore that has at least a 3.5 unweighted cumulative GPA in the spring. In addition to maintaining high standards of academic achievement, NHS members develop character and leadership through activities that are of service to others. Through these activities, members earn merits to remain active in the organization. See our Merits page for more information. The Old Mill High School chapter of the National Honor Society is maintained by a student leadership council with assistance from a Faculty Adviser. 

    Faculty Adviser – Mrs. Kenny


    Membership in the National Honor Society is by application, and is based on a set of criteria. Applications will be delivered to all eligible sophomore and junior students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher at the end of February. Interested students should attend the Interest meeting on the scheduled date and turn in their completed application by the end of the school day (or before) on the date specified. All applications are reviewed by a faculty advisory council who select new inductees from all applicants.  Once student selections have been made, all students who applied will be notified.



    -- Unweighted grade point average of at least 3.50

    -- Attend Interest Meeting

    -- Evidence of service positions in the school or community

    -- Evidence of leadership positions in the school or community



    -- Complete application form

    -- Attend the Interest Meeting


    Students earn Merits for the different activities and service they perform. Merit Reports are completed and collected three times during a school year. Members are expected to complete 15 hours of Volunteer Service during the summer and 20 hours of service during both the Fall and Spring semesters of school. Merits are awarded based on the Merit Calculation Sheet (listed below). A Sample Merit Report is listed below as well.

    Merit Report Calculations .pdf
    Merit Report Fall .pdf


    Service Activities:

    We welcome service requests from all non-profit agencies or groups that help our school and community. Our members are required to complete a certain number of both in school and out of school service hours per quarter, but we allow them the choice of where they would like to complete these. With over 150 members, we are able to donate over 1,800 hours of service each quarter! Many of our students go above and beyond the required number on a regular basis.

    If you are a non-profit group or agency requesting our help, the first step is to write up your “advertisement” to be published via our Google Groups system. This should include the “Who, What, When, Where and Why” of your event, with a contact name and email. Please note that we leave it up to the organization to communicate with our volunteers directly. We get numerous requests for help, and have found we do not have the manpower to organize the event from our end, so that aspect is left​ up to the group or agency requesting our help.


    Below are some of the important documents you may find helpful if you are interested in joining our Chapter of the National Honor Society.

    nhs application for Website.pdf
    NHS By-Laws.pdf
    NHS FAQ sheet.pdf
    nhs officer descriptions.pdf



    National Math Honor Society




    National Spanish Honor Society

    Ms. Marisa Schmidt
    Teacher - World and Classical Languages



    Newspaper (Echo)

    Mr. Peter Jones
    Teacher - English; Varsity Tennis Coach



    Old Mill Stage Crew

    Ms. Krista Parker
    Teacher - English; Patriot Players Theatre Director




    Mr. Dan Sitomer
    Department Chair - Music; Orchestra Director


    The String Orchestra homepage is now hosted as part of the OMHS Music Dept. Website. Please visit us below!



    Patriot Players Theatre Company

    Ms. Krista Parker
    Teacher - English; Patriot Players Theatre Director



    Pep Squad

    Ms. Laura Kilby
    Teacher - Family and Consumer Science



    Rho Kappa

    Mrs. Erin Few
    Teacher - Social Studies



    S2S -- Student 2 Student

    Mrs. Colleen Tapscott
    School Counselor, 10th-12th Grade (A-D)




    Dr. Eric Hehl
    Teacher - Science



    Science National Honor Society

    Mrs. Jeniffer Maribao
    Teacher - Science, Class 2021 Advisor



    Shutter Society Photography Club

    Mrs. Jennifer Kraus
    Department Chairperson - Art



    Steel Drum Band

    Mr. Michael Miller
    Steel Drum Band


    Step Team



    Student Government Association

    Mrs. Kim Spence
    Department Chairperson - World and Classical Languages
    Student Government Association


    Technology Student Association

    Ms. Elizabeth Schultz
    Department Chair - Technology Education, Class of 2020 Advisor, Technology Student Association Advisor


    The TSA will meet every Thursday afternoon, from 2:20 to 4:00 PM, in room D 129 unless otherwise announced. Please join us for some wonderful activities, and become a member:

    There are 65 different competitions and not all of them are specific to Technology Education. Please check for the complete list of competitions available to our students!

    Members are registered with our State and National TSA organizations.
    Members are qualified to compete in MD State and TSA National Conferences.
    Events take place in April/May for TSA MD, Date to be determined.
    National TSA Conference dates and location to be announced!
    SAVE THESE DATES - Plan your vacations around Nationals!! This will be an amazing experience that you will not easily forget!

    Go to for more information. Come to a meeting and talk to experienced TSA members who lead the club.



    Tri-M Music Honor Society

    OMHS Tri-M Music Honors Society Website


    Yearbook (Opus)

    Ms. Jen Tambellini
    Yearbook Adviser/AVID 11 teacher


    Order Yearbook Enter #5902


    Use the forms below to order your yearbook and your senior farewell ad!

    2020 order form.pdf
    2020 senior ad order form.pdf