• International Economics and Finance
    Signature Program
    International Economics and Finance:
    • Is a theme chosen by a school and its surrounding community, to connect classroom instruction with real-world experiences and workforce-relevant skills.
    • Includes pathways in either Personal and Business Finance, Sustainable Economic Design, or International Economics
    • Dual credit opportunities with institutions of higher education may be available
    Advantages for Students Who Participate in Signature Opportunities
    Students involved in the International Economics and Finance Signature Program activities will complete high school highly qualified for both the workforce and higher education experiences. Many Signature students may complete high school with an additional technical certificate or college credit. Students will develop skills to help them in their futures: leadership, interviewing, techniques, communication, timeliness, business etiquette, and collaboration. Students will develop resumes and portfolios to help them compete for selective opportunities.
    Business and Community Leaders

     Participate in workforce-relevant educational activities;
    • Work with educators to develop curriculum that prepares students for 21st century workplace;
    • Educate students about skills and qualifications necessary to succeed in a given field.
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