For the Home and Hospital Teacher

  • What are the Responsibilities of the Home & Hospital Teacher?

    The role of the Home & Hospital teacher is to act as the liaison between the student, the parent, and the school and to help the student remain current with his/her core academic program, including all courses needed for graduation.
    • contact the parent/guardian to establish a teaching date and time
    • contact the school counselor to request materials
    • confirm that materials are ready for pick-up with the principal's secretary (elementary) or school counseling secretary (secondary);
      visit the school, talk with relevant school staff, and pick-up materials
    • provide instruction in the areas specified by the Coordinator for Home & Hospital Teaching
    • provide report cards when students return to school or at the end of the marking period
    • contact the Home & Hospital Teaching Office with any questions or concerns

Intranet Login

  • To Access Business Travel Mileage Form:

      1. Access AACPS Intranet through the login above.
      2. Click "Forms" in the left margin.
      3. Find "Business Travel & Mileage Reimbursement" form under the blue "AACPS Forms" page-wide tab. This will open to multiple forms.
      4. Download "Mileage Reimbursement Request." from the list. The form will be titled "Business Mileage Reimbursement Request."

    Instructions for Completing Your Mileage Reimbursement form:

    - Do not reuse a previous form. Download the form each time you plan to submit. The number in the upper right of the form will change with each download. 
    - Do include commuter miles on your form from the AACPS school located closest to your residence.
    - Do TYPE in the form while it's on your desktop and allow the automatic calculations.
    - Do pay attention to the time and monetary limits on the form.
    - Do print 3 copies of your form. Sign your form in BLUE ink and send two copies to the Home and Hospital Teaching Office at 2644 Riva Road, Annapolis MD  21401. Keep one copy for your files. Faxed or emailed copies are NOT acceptable.

    The AACPS Employee Intranet can also be accessed directly by going to "Staff" and subsequently clicking on "Employee Systems - Intranet".

Employee Login

    The H&H Teacher Blackboard site will have up-to-date information including supplemental Content Links, timesheet form, and directions for completing a mileage form. After logging into Blackboard (you can use the link above), find the "Electronic Learning Communities" tab on the right and click the "Home/Hospital Teachers" content area. 


Employee Blackboard Learn Login

  • To Access Curriculum Content & Quarterly Assessments:

    Content is now housed within Blackboard Learn under Electronic Content Collection.

    To find the Curriculum File Area:

    1. First log into Blackboard Learn with above tab.
    2. Click "Content Collection" in the green upper right area (next to "My Blackboard," Don't use the highlighted "Curriculum File Area Quick Access Link" as it leads to more areas than we need.
    3. Click "Curriculum File Area" in the left margin.
    ​4. Click "Curriculum Subject Folders" in the page center.

    You can also access grade level curriculums by using the ELEM, MS, or HS links on the top of the Blackboard Home Page.

    Some curriculum level ELCs will require you to subscribe.