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  • Who is Eligible for Home & Hospital Instruction?

    Home & Hospital Teaching services are provided for public school students, Pre-K-12, who are unable to attend school due to a medical or emotional condition for four weeks or more.
    Criteria for Physician's Statement
    Delivery of Services

    Full-Time Home & Hospital Teaching
    Students receiving full-time Home & Hospital Teaching services will usually be provided with 6 hours of direct instruction per week in the four core subject areas. Families can communicate with their home teacher about grades and assignments. PowerSchool Parent Portal does not capture work on full-time home teaching.
    High school students may have the option of taking their courses online through a live, real-time classroom. For students taking online courses, grades can be monitored via
    Concurrent Home & Hospital Teaching
    Concurrent home teaching is provided for students at all grade levels who suffer from a chronic illness (such as diabetes, lung disease, or migraines) that causes frequent intermittent absences. These services assist a student with completing work that was missed when they were absent two or more consecutive days in a week due to their chronic illness.  Students approved for concurrent home teaching are expected to attend school the majority of the time.  All work is provided by the home school, and all completed work is graded by the home school teachers.
    Concurrent Home & Hospital Teaching and PowerSchool Parent Portal
    Because students approved for concurrent home teaching get their work from the home school teachers, parents can monitor the Parent Portal to determine which assignments are missing due to an absence.
    What are the Responsibilities of the Parent?

    The parent will:
    • inform the student's school counselor of a current medical/emotional condition
    • complete a Release of Records form that will be submitted to the Home & Hospital Teaching Department
    • provide the student's school counselor with the doctor's note verifying the need for Home & Hospital teaching services
    • notify the Home and Hospital teacher when their child is absent for two consecutive days in a week (if approved for concurrent home teaching)
    • provide a safe environment for home teaching.  All animals must be crated or confined to another room during instructional time with the home teacher.
    • ensure an adult (21 years or older) is at home at all times during the teaching session
    • contact the Home & Hospital teacher in the event that the student is unable to keep a scheduled appointment
    • contact the Home & Hospital Teaching Office with any questions or concerns
    • communicate expectations with the Home & Hospital teacher
    • provide reverification to the Home & Hospital Teaching Office, as necessary, every 60 calendar days. Home & Hospital Teaching services are approved for a 60-calendar-day period. If services are to continue after 60 days, the treating physician must provide an updated letter to the school and the Home & Hospital Teaching Office.