• What is Home & Hospital Teaching?

    Home & Hospital Teaching is designed to provide short-term instruction to public school students, at home or in hospitals, who are unable to attend a regular school program due to ap hysical or emotional condition. The Home & Hospital teacher works closely with the school counselors and teachers to ensure continuity in instructional services while the student is out of school.

    Why Home & Hospital Teaching?
    If a student becomes ill and is unable to attend school for more than three weeks, Home & Hospital Teaching can be utilized to enable the student to remain current with classroom content.

    ​​Who is Eligible for Home & Hospital Instruction?

    ​Home and Hospital Teaching services are provided to Anne Arundel County Public School students who are unable to attend school due to a medical or emotional condition for more than three weeks.  Parents should provide the student's counselor (or designated person within the school) a letter from a medical professional that explicitly request Home and Hospital Teaching services.
    Home & Hospital Teaching students are those who:
    • are staying home due to certified physical (medical) or emotional conditions;
    • are in a therapeutic center or hospital, within Anne Arundel County, while convalescing or receiving treatment.


  • Coordinator, Home & Hospital Teaching

    Anthony Andrione
    TDD - 410-222-5500
    Fax - 410-222-5607

    Administrative Assistant for H&H Services

    Jo Ann Cager
    TDD - 410-222-5500
    Fax - 410-222-5607