Resources for Recording

  • Capture a Recording

    There is no need to spend a lot of money to purchase any new equipment. With a quiet surrounding environment, you can use a Zoom H4N Pro, smartphone or computer to record.  See options below to find out what is available to you...for free! 


    NEW!  Check out the new podcasting resource "Anchor" below.

    • Anchor App:  This app is available on both iOS (App Store) and Android platforms (Google Play).  Out of all of the apps listed below, this app is the most functional.  This app includes editing tools (useful when adding intros, end credits, background music, and introducing short public service announcements), creation tools, and best of all it is free!  Although Spotify owns this app, you do not need a Spotify account to utilize this amazing resource!  Check it out, explore, become a podcaster!  Helpful resources found below. 
    • Anchor Editing Resources


    • Zoom H4N Pro:  This is the recommended choice to capture high definition audio for podcasting. 
      • Click Here to access the Quick Reference Handbook for the Zoom H4N Pro to start recording now or if you have any questions.






    Producing a Podcast

    Feeling overwhelemed with the idea of creating a podcast?  Don't worry, it is easy!  Check out the awesome resources below to learn the skills of interviewing, how to script, and how to edit in audacity.  Most importantly, make sure to keep to your passion and have fun!