• PROGRAMMING REQUIRMENTS - Length (time), Credits, Royalty Free Music


    Podcast Time Requirment

    Although there are several types of podcasts that you may submit, it is important to be mindful of our requirements for the length of each type of podcast.  Due to the FCC Station Identification Requirement, all submissions to be aired on CRAB Radio must meet this time requirment.  It is important to note that this requirement is dependent on the type of podcast you are creating.    Please click the link below to read more. 




    How to Begin and End a Podcast (Credits) + Extending your Podcast Length

    In creating your podcast, it is important to give credit to the speaker and other sources of information that played an important role in creating your podcast (including yourself!!).  Please click the link below for clarification on how to begin a podcast, as well as how to end a podcast, with appropriate credits.  At the bottom of the document, you will find two links to websites that offer open source, royalty free music.  These are great resources to use to extend the length of your podcast (in the event you do not meet the time requirement stated above).