Absences must be communicated in writing.  (No phone calls, please.)  Simply complete this Attendance Form.  When a student is absent five consecutive days a doctor’s note is also required.


    Thank you for communicating absences, particularly multiple days absences, in advance whenever possible.  However, please note that families will continue to receive the AACPS-automated absence call(s) for unexcused absences, such as travel.  More information about excused/unexcused absences can be found here.




    Folger is happy to introduce a new, contact-less way to check your student in for late arrivals and out for early dismissals.  A smartphone may be used to quickly scan the QR code (at the main entrance), complete the form that becomes available and then you and your student are all set for late arrival and/or early dismissal.  It's that simple!


    Upon arrival at our school, parent/guardians will be invited into the main entrance vestibule.  Here, the QR code form or a hand-written late arrival or early dismissal form is to be completed.  Paper forms are collected at the table in this entrance area.  Parents/Guardians MUST accompany a student who arrives to school late; drop off in the car loop is not permitted once the school instructional day has begun.  School staff will assist the students to enter the building from once a parent/guardian has completed the late arrival sign in process.  Parents/Guardians will wait in the vestibule for a student who will have early dismissal.


    Thank you for not opening the door for any other visitors/adults waiting for entrance into the building.  School staff will attend to this process.