• Here is a list of the clubs and their times:

    Dance Club- Tuesdays until 5:30pm  (ends 02/01/2020)

    Music Club- Wednesdays until 5:30pm  (ends 06/12/2020)

    24 Club- Mondays until 5:00pm  (ends 05/04/2020)

    EL Tech Club (starting 04/30/2020)- Wednesdays until 5:10pm  (ends 03/16/2020)

    Mustang Club- Mondays and Wednesdays until 5:45pm  (ends 04/01/2020)

    Sea Perch Club- Thursdays until 5:30pm  (ends 05/30/2020)

    Art Club- Thursdays until 5:00pm  (ends 01/23/2020)

    Marley Miss Club- The following days until 5:00pm

    (01/16/2020, 02/27/2020, 03/19/2020, 04/30/2020, 05/14/2020)