Alternative Teacher Certification Programs

  • The Annual Career Changer Information Session - So You Think You Can Teach 

    SYTYCT is a two-part program to assist Career Changers with a bachelor's degree or higher who wish to teach in Anne Arundel County Public School answer questions about MSDE teacher certification requirements, pathways and resources that lead to certification, AACPS alternative certification programs, Human Resources employment opportunities, HR application and hiring procedures, and content curriculum documents and approaches.  The SYTYCT workshop is held annually usually in late fall. For career changers (non-certified college graduates) currently interested in teaching in AACPS and understanding various pathways to MSDE certification read the information below, visit  or email

    Learn more about the next SYTYCT scheduled for Fall 2020 and how to register here


    1. Maryland Approved Alternative Preparation Program (MAAPP) Resident Teacher Certification (RTC) Program for General Educators
    2. MAAPP/RTC Program (Special Education & Elementary or Secondary Education Certification)

    Maryland Approved Alternative Preparation Program (MAAPP) Resident Teacher Certification (RTC) Program for General Educators In Secondary Critical Shortage Areas

    The AACPS - AACC MAAPP/RTC Program assists outstanding, capable professionals with a desire to teach in Anne Arundel County Public Schools by providing a seamless transition and fast route to earning full teacher certification (SPC1) in the state of Maryland. The MAAPP/RTC program is a partnership between Anne Arundel Community College and AACPS and provides funding for tuition and mentor support for participants.


    Frist, interested current AACPS conditionally certified teachers or those teacher applicants who have been offered a position by AACPS can apply to the MAAPP/RTC Program. You may qualify to participate in this alternative teacher preparation program if you have a bachelor’s or graduate degree and expertise in Math, Science, English, Computer Science, Family and Consumer Sciences, Social Studies, Technology Education, or Foreign-Language (French or Spanish) studies and meet the other application requirements listed below. Those who complete the program will receive a standard Maryland State Department of Education Teaching Certificate (SPC 1). This intensive program consists of education college courses, professional development, mentorship and internship opportunities in a variety of school settings in AACPS.

    A second way to apply is through an annual Panel Interview Process for external applicants - not yet hired as teachers by AACPS; generally held in April.  Applicants for this panel interview must submit a complete application packet and supportive documents to Deborah Montgomery, RTC Program Manager by March 1, 2020. (Contact for forms and guidance.)      The panel of AACC and AACPS staff members will evaluate a candidate's background, readiness and/or potential for teaching at middle and or high school levels in specific critical shortage areas/positions determined in collaboration with our HR recruitment team. This year's panel content areas will be announced at Part 1 of the SYTYCT Career Changer Information Session.  Outstanding interview candidates may receive an HR open contract offer for a teaching position for the 2020-21 school year and enrollment in the RTC program. Other panel participants may continue to interview at schools for teaching positions with the opportunity to participate in the RTC program if hired.

    Candidates for this alternative certification program must meet the following requirements:

    • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college in the U.S. with a minimum of 2.75 GPA (Content area). The “Critical Shortage Areas” are: Middle School Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Middle and High School Mathematics, Family and Consumer Sciences, Technology Education, English and Language Arts, and World/Classical Languages (particularly Spanish & French) and Social Studies 7-12.
    • Passing scores on the initial Praxis (Praxis I or Core Praxis) and Praxis II (Content area).  Please attach a photocopy of the initial Praxis (Praxis I or Core Praxis) and Praxis II (Content) score report to the application.
    • Applicants may meet the basic skills testing requirement (Praxis I/Praxis Core) requirement in an alternate way by submitting qualifying scores on any of the following tests: SAT, ACT, GRE.
      SAT-the composite score on the SAT taken before April 1995 is 1000; the composite score on the SAT taken after April 1995 is 1100; the complosite score on the SAT taken after December 31, 2018 is 1180.
      ACT-the composite score must be at least 24.GRE-the composite score on the GRE taken prior to September 1, 2011 is 1000; the composite score on the GRE taken after September 1, 2011 is 297.
    • Willingness to participate in an alternative teacher certification program and all program activities
    • Availability for participation in “Pre-service” requirements (summer seminars, fieldwork, and courses) from May –August.
    • Valid email address and regular access to a computer.
    • Completed teacher application with AACPS Human Resources or current conditional/provisional teacher status.
    • Conditional Teacher Applicants must have the approval of their current principal to participate in RTC

    Read more details about the RTC Program in the FAQ Document link below.

    RTC Frequently Asked Questions 

    For more information and application forms, contact:

    Deborah Montgomery, MAAPP/RTC Program Manager, Anne Arundel County Public Schools, 410-721-8339,

    The number of participants accepted into each MAAPP/RTC cohort is based upon identified critical shortage content areas and available funding.

    MAAPP/RTC Program (Special Education & Elementary or Secondary Education Certification)

    The Maryland Approved Alternative Preparation Program (MAAPP) Resident Teacher Certificate (RTC) is a two year program that provides support to career changers who are interested in becoming Special Education Teachers in Elementary or Secondary Education. The program is in partnership with the College of Notre Dame of Maryland University (NDMU) and the Maryland State Department of Education. Those accepted into this program will attend classes and participate in an internship during the summer months and will be placed in a classroom in August. Candidates who successfully complete this program will emerge with a state approved certification in the area of Special Education.

    Candidates interested in this program must meet the following criteria:

    • Bachelor’s degree (may not be in Education) – your transcripts will be reviewed by the College of Notre Dame of MD to determine if your completed course work is best suited to pursue certification in Elementary or Secondary Education
    • An average of “B” or better in qualifying courses
    • Passing scores on Praxis I and Praxis II (Praxis II does not have to be completed at time of application)
    • Interest in teaching Special Education students
    • Commitment to teach in Anne Arundel County Public Schools for three years upon completion of the program

    This program is limited to a cohort of 15 individuals. All applicants must submit a complete application package that will be reviewed by AACPS and College of Notre Dame representatives for accuracy, validity, and quality. Candidates will then be selected for an interview with a screening committee. The screening committee will select the final 15 candidates that will participate in the program.

    The application package must contain the following materials:

    • A letter expressing your interest in this program (letter should be addressed to Bobbi Pedrick, Director of Special Education)
    • A resume
    • College transcripts (unofficial are acceptable at this time)
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • Praxis I scores
    • Praxis II scores if available
    • The application process is available for candidates in December or January. The screening interviews are held in April and selected candidates will be notified by the beginning of May.

    View more information on this program

    Application packages can be sent to Maureen Gerrity, Division of Special Education, Anne Arundel County Public Schools, 2644 Riva Road, Annapolis, MD 21401. For more information please contact Debbie Montgomery at 410-721-8339.

    Maureen Gerrity, RTC Manager, Anne Arundel County Public Schools, 410-222-5481/  

    Charlene Durant, HR Recruiter, Anne Arundel County Public Schools, 410-222-5066/