• The Joint Initiative to Eliminate the Gap Committee met for the first time in October of 2019. At this initial meeting, the Committee chose to establish sub-committees in which to do their focused work.  Below you will find the subcommittee topics and each subcommittee's chair.

    Sub-Committee Topics

    Sub-Committee Members

    Systemic Racism

    Ms. Mary Dadone

    Ms. Pam Brown

    Mr. Thornell Jones

    Ms. Laticia Hicks

    Ms. Kirsten Clark

    Social Determinants of Education

    Ms. Isha Alston

    Chief Timothy Altomare

    Ms. Tammy Anderson

    Ms. Erin Brandt

    Ms. Mary Dadone

    Ms. Jessica Farrar

    Ms. Catherine Gray

    Ms. Adrienne Mickler

    Ms. Rhonda Pindell-Charles

    Ms. Karen Siska-Creel

    Ms. Anita Dewling

    Ms. Sonia Hamlin

    Ms. Isha Alston

    Dr. Nilesh Kalyanaraman


    Ms. Felicia Patterson

    Ms. Kim Atkinson

    Ms. Pam Brown

    Ms. Ellen Duffy

    Ms. Laticia Hicks

    Mr. Fred Plitt

    Ms. Jessica Daigle

    Family Life

    Ms. Bridget McLaughlin

    Ms. Kirsten Clark

    Ms. Lisa Shore

    Ms. Charlotte Wallace

    Mr. Matt Schlegel

    Mr. Rick Anthony

    Ms. Raquel Brown

    Ms. Sarah Clark

    Ms. Rosalind Hill

    Ms. Milena Kornyl

    Ms. Hillary Raftovich

    Mr. Raymond Robinson


    Dr. Jennifer Purcell

    Ms. Paridhi Cherry

    Mr. Thornell Jones

    Mr. Skip Auld

    Ms. Christine Larsen

    Ms. Janice Watley