• Tuesday Clubs



    Sponsored by Mrs. Griffin

    Location: Room 201

    We will read, watch, and cosplay anime and manga, draw our favorite characters or scenes, explore Japanese culture through the medium, and enjoy a variety of snacks. As well as games, competitions, and crafts that will give every otaku the chance to be part of the fandom. 


    AVID for Artists Club

    Sponsored by  Ms. Matthews and Ms. Bowling

    Location:  AVID room  114

     The Avid for Artists Club is offered specifically for Performing and Visual Arts students who are unable to take AVID during their regular schedule. Participation in this club with help students develop organizational, study and time management skills.


    Cougar Channel Club

    Sponsored by Mrs. Page and Ms. Grimail

    Location: Media– Cougar Channel Studio

    Interested in videography?  Always wanted to be on camera?  Come be a part of the Cougar Channel crew! We will be working with the program WeVideo to learn about editing film, practice using camera equipment, and practicing drama skills to be in front of the camera! 

    *Must be available to also come in the morning to support live video for the morning announcements (during homeroom).  Open to all grade levels– limited spots available


    Dance Company  **Audition REQUIRED**

    Sponsored by:  Ms. Matthews

    Location: Room 403

    Audition Info: Tuesday 9/24 and Thursday 9/26 3:15-4:15 on both days

    Dance Company for this year and ANY student is welcome to audition. The audition will take place on Tuesday 9/24 and Thursday 9/26, 3:15-4:15 on both days, after school in studio 403.  More information will be provided  following auditions.


    English Learners Soccer Club

    Sponsored by Mr. Wasserman

    Location: Outside– Meet at the gym

    In the English Learners soccer club, EL students will be able to apply skills, strategies, drills and techniques of soccer to successfully play the game.


    Fashion Show

    Sponsored by Mrs. Waterworth

    Location: Room 303

     You should sign up for this club if you'd like to learn how to make clothes, if you want to improve your sewing, and/or you'd like to learn more about the fashion design process.

    Students will learn:

    *to read &  work from commercially created clothing patterns

    *take accurate measurements for fittings

    * machine sewing and garment construction

    *some aspects of organizing a production


    Gay/Straight Alliance

    Sponsored by Ms. Fonte and Ms. Messina

    Location: Room 002

    Description: The GSA works toward creating a more accepting environment for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, through education, support, social action and advocacy and believes that schools can be truly safe only when every student is assured of access to an education without fear of harassment or violence. The GSA welcomes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, questioning youth, and their heterosexual allies.


    Girls Being Healthy

    Sponsored by Ms. Talbot

    Location: Room 209

    Description:  Eighth grade young ladies will explore aspects of nutrition, understanding basics of cooking healthy recipes and reading labels for nutrition.  Students will explore choices for personal exercise routines (walking or running track, yoga, and dance) as well as options for reducing stress...meditation. 


    Italian Gazette

    Sponsored by Ms. Sileoni

    Location Room 005

    Our goal is to release a paper based and online newsletter bi-weekly so that the whole school of Bates (and web) can read about it! We hope that through this magazine the love for Italy will spread throughout school… and the county and perhaps shall we dream about … the world?!


    Mural Club

    Sponsored by Ms. Begg-Marino

    Location: 301

    Have you ever wanted to paint something awesome on the walls of our school?  Then Mural Club is for you!  Mural Club is all about giving students the opportunity to beautify our school.   You don’t have to be the “best” artist to create and paint the murals, you just need positivity and a love for ART!


    Newspaper Club  * Beginning in November*

    Sponsored by Mr. Bielski

    Location: Room 110

    Students will produce their own newspaper, more accurately, a web-page that covers the events and achievements that deserve mention and attention. This includes coverage of school functions, and achievements of clubs, organizations and individuals. We will cover The Spelling Bee, Science Fair and other educational competitions, in addition to being a place for creative writers to show their craft.



    Sponsored by Mr. Mason

    Location: Room  004B

     Students will create original podcast to be broadcast on Crab Radio! Students will create, research, produce, record and edit content to be broadcast and downloaded.  Got something on your mind and want to share?  Podcast it!